10 Free Forklift Training Courses

A forklift is crucial heavy machinery that facilitates moving, packing, and storing goods in industries. Despite its industrial usefulness, it can be a hazardous machine associated with injuries and property destruction if operated wrongly. Studies reveal that thousands of people sustain injuries or even lose their lives to forklift-related accidents every year. Some of these incidents can be preventable with proper training. Here’s an opportunity to learn more about Forklift Training Systems here

1. EdApp, Forklift Operation Safety

Learn more about pre-operative checks, processes, and handling of loads. The award-winning micro-learning application equips forklift operators with safety procedures in their work. You will need this free course to gain insights into pre-operative checks. 

2. OSHA Train

About 100 workers lose their lives, with at least 20,000 injury record cases every year due to forklift mishaps. OSHA Train has information about standard forklifts. You’ll also learn about the principles of physics behind the lifting and load-moving of forklifts. The information will equip you with safety tips and rules when operating the machinery. The course is crucial in enhancing forklift safety. 

3. XO Safety

The course offers training compilations. It’s worth noting that you need to grasp a wide array of training aspects on forklift safety. They range from how to drive the machine safely to proper maintenance. XO Safety gives you access to a host of short video clips on varieties of forklift topics. These videos are vital for refresher training or safety meetings. Employers can integrate the materials with other resources when training recruits. 

4. Forklift Certification Institute, Free Training Videos

The course offers a paid certification for individuals willing to take it. However, you can also have access to several free videos to learn more about forklift safety, operations, and maintenance. The videos can serve as a strong starting point for the industry’s beginners. Before opting for the paid course, use free videos to learn the basics of forklift machinery operations. Once you gain insights into the videos, you can pursue an advanced course. 

You need to check whether these courses teach you about how you should be adding and using forklift fork extensions. These are extended support structures that are attached to the forks that can help you increase the lifting capacity. This requires extensive training and knowhow as even the slightest mistakes can prove to be costly. Not only can it end up damaging expensive goods and products, but it can also end up harming the employees.

5. Vivid Learning Systems,

According to OSHA citations, forklift accidents are among the most common reported machine accidents. OSHA observes that there are at least one million forklifts used in industries across the U.S. As a result, forklift training is among the primary ways of ensuring workplace safety. The injuries and fatalities associated with forklift accidents make them costly. This course will equip you with the fundamentals of forklift operations, their capacity, stability, and handling of loads. 

6. Keller

The task that forklifts perform may seem simple, but the machinery can cause severe accidents. If untrained individuals operate the forklifts, they endanger the lives of those around them, besides increasing the potential risks of losses. The IT training program covered in this course enables individuals to meet the Powered Industrial Standards of OSHA. The module is structured to let learners inspect and safely operate forklifts. 

7. BisGroup- Pre-Shift Inspection

The course is a micro-learning module of the Mobile-Equipment Pre-Shift Inspection course. It will give you insights into pre-shift inspection basics. Individuals also learn the concept of counterbalanced forklifts. Course topics will primarily focus on pre-operational inspections. You’ll need to get a desktop to access it. 

8. WorkSafeBC, Fields Of Vision

These free resources target certified forklift workers seeking refresher training on specific information to expand their skills. You’re more likely to gain more from this course if you have hands-on experience. You need it for enhancing your field vision when operating forklifts. 

9. Canada Safety Council

This course is available online. Although individuals have to pay minimal fees to access the materials, it’s almost free considering the benefits you’re going to gain. It focuses on forklift safety. 

10. Forklift Test Questions

Evaluation and testing are crucial aspects of any learning process. This course doesn’t seem like a course per see because it’s based on questions. It will give you insights into OSHA-type questions for individuals seeking to get ranks in OSHA. If you’re looking for an opportunity to rise through the ranks in your company, this course will be a plus as you prepare for OSHA examinations. 

Forklift training is a crucial aspect of operating industrial machinery. Sometimes individuals believe that driving experience, especially of a truck, qualifies them to operate forklifts. However, this shouldn’t be the case because forklifts are different from that usual truck. Operating them calls for separate training. Most accidents recorded in the industry emanate from untrained individuals operating forklifts. Besides benefiting from the free courses mentioned above, enroll in forklift training systems today and learn how to handle the machinery safely.

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