Ceramic Wedding Bands are Becoming a Popular Choice Amongst Urban Men

February 8, 2022

Trends in fashion and jewelry keep on changing! And the urban man is continuously experimenting with various jewelry and fashion trends. Gone are the days when men only used to focus on traditional metals for their wedding bands. Today’s urban men are all set to try out new options. One of the popular alternatives that most urban men are opting for is ceramic wedding bands.

Back in the past, ceramic got used to making jewelry! However, it’s only recently with technological advancement, various kinds of wearable and harder ceramics are becoming popular. The new ceramics, for instance, titanium carbide that is a ceramic variant that gets used in making wedding bands. It is perfect for everyday wear and makes a modern, stylish piece of jewelry. To know more about this, you can check out epicweddingbands.com

Many people often think that ceramic might be fragile! It’s time to dispel this notion, by letting people know ceramic’s technical name, which is “titanium carbide”. Hence, it’s not fragile at all! Instead, it is a 100% natural, non-metallic and organic substance that usually gets heated to extreme temperatures for creating ceramic as we know it. 

Are you wondering why it has become a popular choice amongst urban men? The following advantages can help you understand better. 

1. Affordable

The ceramic wedding bands are less costly in comparison to other metals. When you browse through the multiple online shops that provide ceramic wedding bands it will highlight that the average cost of a high-end ceramic wedding band is mostly between $80 and $200. There is also a chance that these rings are less priced based on the design you are searching for and your budget. Hence, it is accessible for all. 

2. Hypoallergenic

The ceramic wedding bands are hypoallergenic! That means it is perfect for men who have sensitive skin and don’t want any skin reactions or allergies. Unlike the other metal alloys which include allergens such as nickel, the ceramic wedding bands are totally hypoallergenic and include unwanted elements in their composition. 

3. Hardness and Durability

It is essential to remember that ceramic is strong! It’s less brittle and also much harder than tungsten. When you compare it with stainless steel it is more resistant. Hence, it is good for people who are continuing into physical labor. They can wear their ceramic wedding bands as they work. If a man has to use his hand a lot while working, then the ceramic wedding band is an ideal choice for him. 

4. Color, Material, and Finish

The new-age ceramic wedding bands are available in a mix of textures and colors. It means that you will always come across a wedding band that will match your style sense. The ceramic bands are usually available in brown, black, and white colors along with other bright shades. The other advantage of this band is the shade isn’t present only on the surface. It means if the surface gets scratched you will find the same color. Hence, a black ceramic wedding band will be black all through. 

Today, most leading designers are pairing ceramic wedding bands with other materials like wood, tungsten, and titanium in inlay patterns, preferred by urban men.

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