Top 2 Best Activity Bracelets-Shopping Guide

February 8, 2022

Among the most accessible accessories, but also the most practical in this hyper-connected world, activity trackers are the ideal device for those looking to stay in shape. The manufacturers are numerous and the different references are even more so. Here we present you the best activity bracelets you can get this year. Activity bracelets or bracelets are very good accessories for those who practice sports regularly, and who do not want to burden themselves with connected watches that are often more expensive. Here are our recommendations for finding the correct connected bracelet, presented in the comparison table below.

1. Huawei Band 4 Pro Activity Bracelet

The Huawei Band 4 Pro is the new activity bracelet from the Chinese manufacturer. It retains the general shape of the previous model, the Band 3 Pro, it comes with a 0.95-inch AMOLED screen with a definition of 240 x 120 pixels and offers good readability for all the information displayed on it. Equipped with a 100 mAh battery, it can last 7 hours with the GPS function activated and up to 5 days without it.

Dedicated mainly to sport, it offers its users the possibility of choosing between nine different activities with the possibility of establishing objectives to be achieved, either by duration or the distance traveled. Quite thin, the bracelet is controlled with a single touch button, and with its screen. Huawei does not forget the basic features of a connected bracelet, such as displaying the time, messages, and many others. It is very easy to collect information about your heart rate; the number of calories burned or evens your sleep monitoring.

Outdoors, Huawei’s Band 4 Pro captures GPS geolocation fairly quickly, within five seconds of starting the activity. GPS is relatively reliable, accurate to a meter or two. The Band 4 Pro is equipped with a 100 mAh battery. Enough to offer autonomy of up to seven hours with activated GPS geolocation. In use, it takes five days to go from 100 to 0% autonomy.

Unlike connected watches, Huawei’s bracelet doesn’t have full Wi-Fi connectivity, not even 4G the Huawei Band 4 Pro has a GPS chip, as we have seen, but it is also compatible with the European Galileo system and the Russian GLONASS. Our recommended activity bracelet is huawei band 4 sakura pink because it’s available at a low price and in different colors. If you decide to buy this then visit our site by clicking on this highlighted link, where you can buy this at the best price.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Activity Bracelet

After an excellent Mi Band 3 remained for a long time as the connected bracelet with the best value for money, Xiaomi returned with the Mi Band

3. The Same Formula, the Same Success

This new iteration is once again the best quality/price ratio on the market. The main novelty of this version is the integration of a 0.95-inch color OLED screen that supports more than 16,000 colors. Then we will find a 135 mAh battery that gives it a range of just over 15 days. In addition, it can withstand water up to 50 meters deep, ideal for swimming sessions.

In terms of functionality, it offers sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, a number of steps taken; calories burned, provides a vibration notification system, and offers inactivity alerts, as well as an alarm. In addition, its Mi Fit mobile application provides a global view of the collected data. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not really original as it adopts line by line the design of its predecessor, the Mi Band 3. The body of the bracelet is removable and fits in a fairly minimalist silicone bracelet. It is quite slim, allowing it to fit all wrists, with 12 adjustment holes and a fairly simple and robust attachment system. Compared to the Mi Band 3, there are two striking new features: The color display and the fact that the action button is now simply indicated by a small discreet circle at the bottom of the dial.

At the wristband level, the interface is simple, but not necessarily intuitive. All in all, it is quite simple to use and is relatively complete for the average person on the condition of not being too picky. Xiaomi remains off most of the time to turn on only when the wrist is raised. In the idea, it is quite intelligent, especially since it allows enjoying a monstrous autonomy.

Important Points You Should Know Before Buying an Activity Bracelet

Do you find connected watches too bulky for sport? Less imposing than the smartwatch, the activity bracelet is the ideal ally for athletes who want to move freely. In recent years, many brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, Huawei, and Xiaomi have entered this market with more or less convincing products. There are many, many references. Here are some models selected by us to get back in shape and control your physical activity with the help of your smartphone. To determine our selection, we relied on criteria that we consider essential for a sports-oriented connected bracelet precision and reliability of the data first, presence or absence of a heart rate sensor, ergonomics and functional richness of the mobile application, and, of course, real autonomy in use. Keep in mind that to differentiate themselves, some manufacturers offer water resistance, a more or less elegant or discreet design, or even customization possibilities with removable bracelets of different colors.

Who is the Activity Tracker for?

The connected bracelet is the ideal companion for athletes, allowing them to quickly consult their data during an exercise. Lighter than a connected smartphone or watch, it does not affect its wearer’s freedom of movement.


Like watches, let’s not forget the main purpose of a bracelet, even if it is connected: to be worn around the wrist. So be sure to compare the models before choosing the one that really appeals to you same advice for ergonomics. So many parameters to take into account, according to your preferences and use. Just because of its beautiful design everyone attracts to this.

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