What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology in Business

January 9, 2023

Business today has taken a great shape because of the evolution of IT. Before going into the main headline of this article, I’d be showing you what IT is.

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What is Information Technology?

Information Technology can simply be defined as the right application of scientific knowledge to get work done easier and faster and also more effectively.

Advantages of Technology in Business

Speedy Communication

Technology has made it so easy to communicate effectively within and outside an organization. If you’d be needing to speak with a client, it could be done through phone calls or texts. Online conferencing is not exempted. Also, it aids communication within the organization to avoid moving from place to place just to deliver a piece of information.

Online Marketing

Most businesses now make some of their biggest sales through the internet. Most times if you can manage your social handles then you are up for big sales. Some of the handles include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc

Data Storage

Devices that work with operating systems have made it possible to store data online and offline. How advantageous this could be as you can access your data at any time it is needed.

The Hiring of Hired Labor

It is so easy nowadays to hire labor or staff for your business without needing some form of too personal connection. There are so many sites presently responsible for the submission of CVs. This is actually a good improvement because it relieves people of the stress of visiting offices when you could just paste your details on the company’s website and if you’re lucky enough, you could be shortlisted.

Improved Monitoring

With the aid of cameras, you could be able to monitor the affairs of your staff and business at large. It keeps you updated on any activity going on in the business premises.

Disadvantages of Technology in Business.

Online Communication

In most companies, the use of social media is prohibited as it can be a form of distraction thereby leading to the poor service offering.

Costly Machines

Using the latest technology could be costly. The economy of countries isn’t really so good now, so the cost of getting necessary machines could be high thereby slowing down work processes.

Reduce the Creative Part of Employees

As funny as this may sound, technology can/has reduced the creative part of employees in organizations. Sometimes it affects their communication skills as they may find it difficult to have one on one conversations with clients. Most times, the software is being used to meet daily targets thereby making employees lazy and machine-dependent.

Some Businesses May be Dependent on Online

Many times, businesses are dependent on internet connections. But what if there is a failure in connection, what happens to the ongoing business transaction? This may be very risky as it could sometimes lead to loss of funds and even clients. 

Data Can be Stolen:

there is a high probability of data being stolen because of the incessant works of hackers. If you do not have a strong computing base, your business might just be a victim.

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