8 Advantages of Choosing Side Loader Transport Services

June 10, 2022

If you’re running a shipping container-based business or regularly need to move shipping containers from point A to point B, you know how difficult it can be. Fortunately, many dedicated transporting businesses are making use of side loader trucks to make container transport simpler. 

Moving shipping containers from place to place has become relatively simpler with the use of side loader transport. Aside from making the job simpler, there are several other advantages to using side loader transport, which we’ll discuss in this article. 

Advantages of Side Loader Transport

In recent years, side loader transport has evolved considerably to make moving containers quick and easy. This allows for a great deal more cargo containers to be loaded and unloaded in a shorter space of time, boosting efficiency levels to an all-time high. Let’s have a look at some of the other advantages of side loader transport.

Reduced Labour Costs

Side loader transport is very effective in moving cargo and containers because these types of vehicles are pre-equipped with the necessary equipment to lift and move heavier items. Some of these trucks include triggers and cranes which makes the work much easier. 

With this high level of automation, a cargo container can be unloaded in a matter of minutes. This means opting for side loader transport dramatically cuts down on the required labour costs that would have initially been spent on manual labour unloading the cargo containers. 

Quick Turnaround

Unlike manual labour, the efficient automation of side loader transport trucks means cargo containers can be loaded and unloaded much quicker. This speeds up the process when you need a container delivered within a certain time frame. 

It also reduces the downtime that might be experienced due to drawn-out loading and unloading processes. Ultimately, this results in a faster turnaround time from shipped party to receiving party.

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Easy Unloading in Narrow Spaces

These trucks can load and unload in narrow spaces. These vehicles also don’t need to move around during the unloading process. This makes it perfect for delivering containers to smaller locations. 

Safer Workplace

In addition to saving you money on labour costs, side loaders also provide a much safer workplace by moving cargo containers with extreme precision and control. A side loader can easily move hazardous, high-value or fragile goods with extreme caution. 

If the lifting and delivery are handled by the same operator, the process is almost guaranteed to be safer than if different people were handling different parts of the process. 

Variety of Options

Not all side loader trucks are the same. Different trucks have different options which means you can easily get the right vehicle necessary for your cargo moving requirements. You can therefore order the right vehicle upfront, minimising the risk of damage to your goods. 

Ground-level Handling

A side loader can easily load or unload cargo containers directly to the ground. Once the side loader has moved the cargo, it can easily proceed to the next job. So, there’s no reason for any jobs to stand still while cargo containers are being unloaded.

Transfer Handling 

Side loader trucks can easily be used for mobile lifting from one platform to another. They can also load containers from the ground onto other trucks or trailers. Since some side loader trucks can also be used as intermodal tools, their versatility is impressive.

Professional Expertise

An added advantage of making use of a side loader transport company is that it provides you with the necessary expertise to get your cargo container loaded and unloaded correctly. The vehicles also come with the necessary equipment. Using a reliable side loader transport company means you don’t have to hire additional machinery or vehicles to get your cargo loaded or unloaded. 

3 Factors to Take into Consideration Before Selecting Side Loader Transport

There are a few factors to take into consideration before you decide on using a side loader vehicle to load or unload your cargo containers. 

Some of these include:

  • Ensure there’s at least 4.2 meters height for travel under power lines, doorways and under trees. Lifting arms will require 6.5 meters for unloading. This means you’ll have to make provision for this space in the area where the unloading will take place. 
  • The truck will require about four meters of space in front of the side loader so that it can move after the cargo has been unloaded. 
  • Ensure the ground underneath where the side loader will stand is level and stable. This will keep the container from being at risk of toppling over.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear from the many advantages above that making use of side loader transport is crucial when it comes to moving your cargo containers from one place to another. Not only will it save you time in an efficient process but will also save you money on the labour costs. Moving cargo containers has never been this easy!

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