Getting Alcohol Home Delivered During The Pandemic: 5 Things To Consider

February 8, 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown situation have made it impossible for users to hang out without friends in the nearest local bars. Hence, people have been forced to stay at home away from family and friends.

However, with regulation, eCommerce businesses have started functioning and delivering the things their customers need. That means you can even order alcoholic beverages.

Like any other brands, Melvin Brewing has also started with its business. So if you were waiting for Melvin to deliver chilled beer to your doorstep, you can certainly do so now.

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Things To Consider While Accepting Alcohol Home Delivery

As the lockdown in the country continues, customers increasingly need their things delivered to their doorsteps. The central government has approved the e-commerce companies to operate and deliver the products to the customers by following all the COVID 19 security protocols.

That doesn’t mean all the responsibility lies with the companies; it is your responsibility as well to receive your package while maintaining all the COVID 19 security norms.

While accepting the home deliveries, it is important to take necessary measures that both you and the delivery associate walk away from the interaction healthy.

Here are the things you need to consider while receiving home delivery.

1. Avoid Interpersonal Contact

While it has been emphasized countless times, maintaining your distance from the other is certainly the best way to contain the spread of Coronavirus. In fact, even experts believe that the biggest source of COVID transmission is interpersonal contact.

As a countermeasure, every home delivery company tries to follow contactless delivery and provide the customer with their product at the doorstep and receive electronic cash payments.

2. Sanitize The Parcel

Once you have received the package, the first thing you need to ensure is to sanitize the package. It is important to do that because the virus might be on the surface where the delivery associate has touched the package. Sanitizing the package will help you mitigate the risks of getting infected. 

3. Wash Your Hands

Once your package is all cleaned up, the next important thing you need to follow is to clean your hand. We know that by now, it has become a habit of cleaning your hands frequently. Still, we wanted to make sure you remember that.

Washing your hands removes any dirt and virus from your hand. You should use soap water and clean your hand thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

4. Keep The Alcohol In The Safe Container

Now that you have cleaned your hand and the package, the next thing is to take out the alcohol and store it in the clean container. However, follow this process only after you have cleaned your hand thoroughly.

5. Be Considerate & Kind

During the time of crisis, be kind and considerate to the delivery associates. You cannot deny the fact that they are doing one of the dangerous jobs now. So, even if the delivery is late or has some package damage, do not argue with the person; let them go. You can simply visit the website and file your complaint. 

And if there are no major mistakes that have harmed your product, forgive them. Remember, they are trying to do a dangerous job and are under a lot of pressure.

Take Away

You must follow all the security protocols to ensure both you and your family is safe from the infection. You must remember that the delivery associate comes from the outside and might have been in contact with many things.

As soon as you receive the package, sanitize the package and wash your hands thoroughly with soap water. Follow every possible practice that can ensure your safety. 

And, do not forget to “thank you” to the delivery associate. After all, they take all the risks and ensure that everyone gets all the necessary things right at their doorstep.

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