What Is a Total Roof Restoration and Why Do You Need It?

December 5, 2022

How do you deal with a niggling problem? Ignore it and hope against hope that it resolves itself? Stick a band-aid on it and hope for the best. Or face up to it, and sort it out once and for all?

If your roof is a little worse for wear or damage, you’ll need to think about your next steps and their impact. Well, you can either ignore the problem or take action by calling BA Roofing – In Woodbury, a reputable roofing company – and get a total roof restoration. Take your pick.

1. Roof Restoration

A total roof restoration is exactly what it sounds like – a complete makeover for your roof. To do this, a contractor inspects your roof for damage and fixes the issues they find. Have you ever heard of the term repointing? Well, your roofer may need to do that too. Repointing is replacing or repairing the mortar between your roof tiles. That said, the repair process varies depending on the type of roof in question.

Then, they’ll clean the roof. The professional may use a chemical cleaner to break down moss, dirt, and grime. Then, they pressure wash the roof to remove stubborn debris before sealing it and giving it a fresh coat of paint- talk of TLC!

So, what’re the upsides of such rehabilitation? I thought you’d never ask. Here’re a few reasons you might consider it:

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Unlike roof replacement which can cost a pretty penny, a total roof restoration is a cost-effective solution. This approach allows you to keep your existing roof, implying you save on materials and labor. 

With such an approach, you won’t have to worry about removal costs to deal with waste – hiring a waste disposal company and all the related hassle. All you need is a reliable contractor to handle the project, and you’re ready to go.

3. Gives Your Roof a New Lease of Life

Let’s talk about the numbers – your roof system can last 20 years, give or take. When you restore it, you can easily prolong its life by several years. So, in essence, you save money in the long term by opting for restoration now. 

The added lifespan means you’ll have funds to invest elsewhere – if you’re in business. By doing so, you can grow your venture rather than worry about a failing roof. And if you’re a homeowner, this is a great way to protect your home’s value.

3. Protects Against the Elements

A sound roof protects you and your family from the elements – think rain, snow, wind, and so on. Hence, if your roof has weak spots or signs of damage, you must address them before they worsen. In that case, you can protect your office building or home by reconditioning your roof. 

Now picture this – it’s a cold winter night, and you’re all cozy in your bed when suddenly, you hear something go ‘crunch.’ You jolt up in bed, your heart pounding as you realize that the noise came from your roof. 

Probably, it has finally caved in! And as you lie in the darkness, dreading what tomorrow will bring, you can’t help but wonder – why didn’t I just recondition the roof when I had the chance? Would you rather take your chances with your life’s possessions and your family’s safety? I don’t think so.

Don’t wait until your worst nightmare comes true. Recondition your roof today and rest easy knowing it can withstand anything the elements throw its way.

4. Enhances Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

A total restoration job can make an old, run-down roof look as good as new. And since first impressions matter, your home or business will have greater curb appeal.

Your uninitiated neighbors or friends might even compliment you for a ‘spanking new roof.’ A rehabilitated roof is that convincing – but you know the secret. And once you reveal it, you could cause them to do a double take, with their jaws dropped in disbelief that it’s the same old roof. 

Well, that’s the impact of an instant facelift, and it doesn’t only apply to people! And would it be far-fetched to suggest that your property’s value would increase – as I mentioned – as a result?

5. Improves Insulation

Let’s face it; your roof takes a beating day in and day out. And over time, all that heat, cold, and moisture can take its toll, leading to cracks and holes. The reconditioning process allows a contractor to seal all gaps. Consequently, your insulation improves. How, you wonder?

For starters, the roofing contractor may add new insulation during rehabilitation. Also, with the gaps gone, heat or cold won’t seep through as before.

As a result, you get to save on energy costs as your HVAC system doesn’t have to struggle to maintain the desired temperature. And in today’s world of soaring energy costs, that’s nothing to sneeze at, no?

Still on the fence? I hope not, especially after considering all the upsides of roof restoration. Hence, rather than settle for an expensive roof replacement, the alternative approach could be the solution to that pesky issue.

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