Best Android Emulator For AFK Arena on PC

By Ankit
June 6, 2022

AFK Arena is a Role-Playing game developed by Lilith Games. Azur Lane is known for its stunning visual quality. The game revolves around you, collecting different cards of over 100 different heroes scattered around seven different factions. As the name suggests, the game’s main draw is its draw on the battle raging on even when you log-off.

Even when you are AFK, you can still level up, keep battling foes only to get all the rewards as soon as you log back in. Primed with tons of different battle combinations and quests to clear, you can expect yourself to spend hours figuring out the best combination and strategies for every mission. With over 10 million downloads, you don’t need to control your hero in the game. Rather, they’re going to be fighting automatically while you do all the important work like troop placement which will directly affect how they interact with allies and enemies alike!

The game divides its heroes into five different classes: Tank, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Support. Like other RPG games, each of these classes has a particular role with varying strengths and weaknesses. They are then further divided into different types ranging from Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Each of these particular types specializes in a particular trait. For example, Strength heroes are known for their high HP and physical attacks, while Intelligence heroes are mainly known for their high mana pools and spell-casting.

Combining all of these traits, classes, and types is the key to winning your battles in AFK Arena. With a constantly evolving meta and active developers that are keen on spicing the game up, you’ll find yourself constantly shifting your battle plans more than not.

The game provides a sense of euphoria every day you wake up with your troops going through all the auto-battling, only to present you with tons of rewards that enhance your gameplay. The characters in the game are all unique, have a sense of their personality, and are generally goofy enough to be loved. Therefore, you’ll be finding a few favorites in absolutely no time.

Several Reasons to Play AFK Arena on PC: 

Transform your PC/Laptop into an android gaming emulator to enjoy high-performance mobile games on PC. The following are some of the reasons to play AFK Arena on PC: 

  • LDPlayer supports every high-performance game without any issue. 
  • LDPlayer performs better than most mobile devices, which means you won’t have to face a heated device or slow movement or lags. 
  • LDPlayer provides easy-to-use keymapping with a customization option. 
  • It also provides a bigger screen with different customizable resolutions. 
  • LDPlayer supports up to 120FPS, which provides you a smooth gaming experience if your PC supports it. 
  • LDPlayer provides you video recording and screenshot options to record your gameplay or take memorable screenshots while fighting with enemies. 
  • LDPlayer provides a special boost for some games, including Mobile Legends, Free Fire Black Desert Mobile, etc. The special boost helps you in unlimited ways, which cannot be described in words. You will have to try the LDPlayer emulator by yourself to feel the powerful special boost. 
  • LDPlayer also supports the gamepad, which means if you are a PlayStation player and are not used to the keyboard and mouse, then there it is for you. 
  • LDPlayer offers a lot of other features, including high graphics, multi-Instance, Custom Controls. Multi-window, high FPS, macro, easy-to-use UI system, classic look, etc. 

All of the above-given reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other unique features that you can find out on your own while playing AFK Arena on PC using the LDPlayer emulator. But these reasons will give you an idea of what you will be getting while playing android games on PC.

How to Download AFK Arena on PC? 

The procedure to download AFK Arena on PC or any other game on PC is quite straightforward. Follow the procedure to download any game with just a few taps: 

  • Download and Install the LDPlayer emulator. (In case you don’t have it already) 
  • Login or Sign up with your Google account to access Google Play Services. It is a necessary step as some games require Google Play Services
  •  access. 
  • Open any of three built-in stores (given within the LDPlayer Emulator) and search for your desired game. For example, AFK Arena and install it on your PC. 
  • Upon Installing, launch the game from Home Menu and start playing the game for a whole new experience.

Second Option: 

  • Go to any of the websites, download the APK file of your favorite app or game, or software, and install the ultimate built-in APK Installer of LDPlayer. 


After playing AFK Arena on PC with the LDPlayer emulator, you will start calling it AFK Arena emulator for sure. The unlimited new and unique features will not only help you playing AFK Arena, but it will also help you with playing other high-FPS, high-performance, mobile games on PC. No matter if you are a fan of LOL: Wild Rift, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, or any other android game because LDPlayer supports almost every android game, software, and application. It even provides a special boost for some games like Black Desert Mobile and others. You can also check out AFK Arena: How to get started Guide just to make your start a bit easier.

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