Top 6 Apps Which You Can Use as Part of Your Everyday Routine

By Ankit
February 9, 2022

Do you have an idealized version of yourself? Of course, you do. We all strive to live better lives, feel better about ourselves and do better. It’s all part of the natural instinct for human growth, but many get discouraged from actually undertaking such personal transformations because they’re so big.

That’s where your daily routine comes into play with these popular apps of 2021.

How Can Some Apps Help You Make the Most of Every Day? 

Monumental change begins with a simple step. That’s all.

There’s an old saying that goes – how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s the same principle behind self-improvement applications. Take one aspect of yourself, decide how you want to change it, and then break down the process into baby steps. Takes no more than a few minutes per day to change the course of your life.

6 Apps to Use in Your Daily Life

By all means, this list is far from extensive, but I think it’s a good start as it tackles all major areas of life – learning, productivity, health, and nutrition. That’s no small feat! So be sure to check these out if you haven’t.


Perhaps you’re going on a vacation to Poland and want to pick up a few words and phrases? Or do you wish you didn’t let yourself forget high school French? Or you’re marrying in an Italian family and want to communicate better?

Duolingo is created for all scenarios and more. It’s easy to use and breaks down language learning into a few simple components, which can be practiced with ease no matter where you are. That’s the biggest strength of Duolingo. You’re able to utilize those small pockets of time such as waiting in line, sitting at the doctor’s, commuting, or the bathroom. A little goes a long way and Duolingo shows you that.


Inoreader is a class act in the world of RSS. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and supports productivity goals. Not because it’s a sheer productivity application, but because it’s masterful at reducing the unnecessary time you spend online browsing through your rotation of sites. You know what I’m talking about – those five, six websites that you start the day with and are your chief window to the rest of the world. Inoreader gives you a one-stop-shop to read all of them alongside individual social media accounts, newsletters, and podcasts.

Inoreader even helps you discover more content through its user-powered discovery zone. There’s so much automation and integration available to users. One of the best ways to augment your time using Inoreader is through its browser extension, which makes subscriptions a delight.


Freelancers know what I mean when I say it’s tough to go through your day and be productive when you don’t have an external structure. That’s why to-do lists are such a big part of my routine as a way to add structure to my days. If you’re working in a demanding position, there’s quite a bit of chance you’re having a tough time keeping track of everything that needs doing.

Todoist brings the simple usefulness of to-do lists in a digital format. There’s no fuss. No frills. You get a stripped-down interface and a blank space to build up your day, week, and month. The app gives you tools to set deadlines for tasks and group tasks by type and color code, which is even easier to visualize your day.


We’re going to exclude a few people as Health is an Apple-only app, but it’s so good that I have to mention it. You can install an application that tracks your steps, or monitors your sleep, or keeps a detailed record of your menstrual cycle.

Health poses the question do you need it all when one can do the same job. That’s why Health is so powerful. It’s versatile and can assist in just about every aspect of your health and wellbeing. One of its many capabilities is to log in symptoms for illnesses. Other ways it can help – mindfulness, hearing, heart, activity, and nutrition.


I can’t be the only one, who kind of feels cheated by adulthood when it comes to food. Nobody told me the freedom to eat whatever I want to eat also means that I have to figure out what I have to eat. Ahead of time. Every day. Technically, nobody is stopping me from eating pizza for the rest of my days, but that’s not my responsibility.

Mealboard is the way to plan out your meals ahead of time, so you can put in the mental labor once and not have to work on it day after day. The app also stores recipes, creates shopping lists, and tracks your pantry. I can’t emphasize how easy life becomes when you have such a comprehensive tool to take off a load of cooking for yourself, which now is even more pressing considering we don’t get the same opportunities to go out and have to cook more.

Also, you get to wake up in the morning knowing full well what you’re going to eat.


Where Todoist is all business, Habitica is all about play. The app cares deeply about productivity, but it also wants you to enjoy yourself while achieving everything you’d ever want. If you’re a fan of the 8-bit games of the past and want to go on an adventure, then Habitica is for you.

Tasks become quests. You step into the role of a mythical hero. Every task you don’t accomplish is a hit on your life. Those are the basic principles. Work on your habits and conquer your tasks so that you can gain levels, earn gold and hatch adorable companions. It becomes pretty addicting pretty fast to turn the mundane into something that’s so exciting. There are options to play along with friends and fight boss battles.

That’s one way to make writing that works report fun. 

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