What Are Weed Edibles and How Long Do They Last?

October 31, 2022

Stoners enjoy a good blunt now and then, but sometimes they would like something different. Edibles are one of the alternatives that get you high without pungent smoking. If you look up CBD edibles near me, you will get several stores and brands offering exactly what you are looking for. The question is, what are you looking for? 

Infused edibles come in various forms. Their effectiveness is also something worth mentioning. Some claim that infused products last longer when eaten than when used in other ways. For instance, smoking from a bong will only have the weed effects last for a few hours, while with cookies, the hours may be longer. 

Cannabis Edibles in the Market

In line with the growth of the cannabis industry, the edibles market has grown. Other than the commonly known pot brownies and cookies, stoners now get a whole range of other products. For instance, there are gummies. They are processed and infused with levels of cannabis. With store-bought gummies, you know exactly how much THC or CBD is in a single one. 

Another popular product is weed chews. These are an assortment of different flavoured candies that contain given levels of marijuana. The chews are almost like gummies but different in terms of texture. But when it comes to dosing, they are almost alike because you give specific potency of the contents.

Other than the two, there are others, such as biscuits, drinks, lollipops, and more. Also, others can be made at home apart from the store-bought ones. These are in the form of pancakes, infused tea and coffee, jelly, and many others. 

Effects of Infused Edibles

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about ingesting edibles. Most people believe that edibles are more intense than other methods of enjoying cannabis. The truth is that they do have a longer-lasting effect that may seem stronger than other mediums of intake. When eaten or drunk, edibles are processed in the stomach. 

It is in the stomach where the THC and CBD enter the blood vessels and get transported around the body. Once these compounds reach the brain the reaction is typical of any other cannabis high. The effects of these infused products are two-folded. 

For one, the weed becomes a head high where one can feel giddy, focused, sensory activated, and more. This is followed by a body high where the results can be freedom from anxiety, and induced sleep, among other effects. In general, edibles result in both the recreational and the medicinal effects of marijuana. Of course, this depends on whether they contain THC or CBD or, in some cases, both. 

How to Make Marijuana Edibles

If you would like to turn to edibles frequently, you will likely find the price too much. The cost of production, taxes, and even delivery makes dispensary edibles cost an arm and a foot. But what if you could make your edibles? 

The process is straightforward, and the ingredients needed are always things you can find around the home. Also, by making your edibles, you can curate the potency levels you desire.

The most basic ingredient when making these infused products is the cannabutter or infused oils. The cannabutter can be bought from the store or made at home. 

Making it home involves burning the cannabis in the oven for about 30 minutes and then simmering it in butter for 2-4 hours. Depending on your choice, you can sieve the cannabutter or use it as it is. With this basic ingredient making edibles becomes easy. All you need to do is a portion of the cannabutter, depending on what you want, and proceed with the recipes. 

Cannabutter alone can come in handy when making infused tea or coffee, pot brownies, weed cake, and even gummies. As a stoner, it never hurts to have some lying around. 

Is it Legal to Travel with Cannabis Edibles?

As states continue legalising the use and possession of cannabis, there is still the lingering question of whether people can travel with their weed products. The answer to this is mixed because it depends on the mode of transport and the states you are travelling to. 

States have regulations on how much weed their residents can carry or buy from a dispensary. Also, travelling determines how someone from out of state can use the products in the state and whether they require a marijuana card. 

Concerning transport systems, it is inadvisable to travel with edibles in planes. If you do so, you can ensure they are well packaged and not in clear sight of the airport agents. Though they carry out searches, most people find it easy to pass with small amounts of edibles.

The safest way to travel with your infused gummies and pot cookies is in your vehicle. This is because it is possible to conceal the products from sight and eat them whenever. If you hire a rental, remove any traces of the edibles, especially in states where the drug is illegal. 


As an alternative to smoking, tinctures, and everything else, edibles are a much better way to get high, and they also happen to be longer-lasting. The edible high lasts for hours, even though it takes time. The fact that there are several types of edibles makes their use more enticing. Also, you may find that making them is not as hard as buying them online. With the infused ingredient and a simple recipe, anyone can whip up a fresh batch of pot brownies that are just the right amount potent.

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