Are Python Skills Beneficial for your Career?

June 7, 2022

The IT sector has become more dynamic than ever before. You would have noticed business executives talking about accelerating their digital transformation so as to survive in the future. It means the skills required for the workforce of tomorrow will be more advanced, and you will need to gain those digital skills as soon as possible. For example,

  • If you have known virtual machines, now is the time to learn about containers.
  • If you have spent much time procuring a new software for your organization locally, now is the time to use cloud services. 
  • If you have been working in the Agile environment, now is the time to learn about DevOps. 
  • If you have worked as a back-end developer for years, it’s time to upgrade and become a full-stack developer.

On similar lines, if you thought Java was your go-to language for any kind of application, now is the time to explore Python. Did you know Python has been widely accepted by companies across the world, including popular names like Lyft, Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft, Instagram, and Google? When you refer to developers’ survey, either TIOBE index or Stack Overflow, you will realize that Python has surpassed many other languages to become the very popular and primary language of developers. Professionals taking a Python course are gaining expertise in using this language and improving their career prospects in fields like data science, machine learning, web development, and game development.   

Let us know why Python skills can benefit your career in the long run. 

The Growing Demand for Python

In a world where hundreds of programming languages are available to developers, what makes Python so unique? To start with, Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language used in various areas like web development, scientific and numerical computing, big data analytics, system automation, general and application-specific scripting, computer graphics, finance, and trading. Moreover, popular job portal Indeed has already reported that Python is the second-highest paid computer language. 

Here are some of the other reasons why you should learn Python asap.

  • Employers seek Python proficiency for data-related roles

Data-related roles like data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and data architects are in high demand among companies these days. Though the requisite skills for each role vary, Python is a common skill that is expected for all of them. Data engineers use Python to code an ETL framework; data analysts use it to streamline complex data sets, data scientists use its libraries for manipulating data, and so on.  

  • You can learn it easily

Gone are the days when you had to remember various lines of code to perform a simple function. Python is a high-level language; it has a very simple syntax and involves English-like commands. There are a variety of complex tasks you can perform using Python by just writing three to four lines of code. Its libraries contain a wide range of built-in modules that you easily embed into your code to get the desired functionality in your application. 

  • Improves your professional development

There comes a time in your career when your earning potential may become stagnant. You realize it’s time to upgrade your skills but don’t know how to get ahead. Learning Python is one of the finest options you have to come out of such a situation. You will become eligible to handle different projects, seek a promotion, switch to a data science role, or prepare for a technical lead or architect role. Even project managers today are expected to have basic Python skills for certain projects. 

  • Used by startups and large companies alike

Whether you enjoy working from scratch at a startup or enjoy the perks of an MNC, Python skills will help you land a job in any of the two. Be it a tech giant like Google, Facebook, or startups like Pinterest or Reddit, all of them use Python to build different functionalities in their applications. Apart from being open-source, companies love Python for its iterative, agile design and allow them to refine their products and services until perfected. 

  • Python proficiency pays well

 Python programming knowledge is the reason you can command higher paychecks in the field of web development or data science. Software engineers with Python skills command an average salary of around USD 90K per year in the US, as per Payscale. Similarly, a seasoned data scientist having Python skills can earn as high as USD 133K annually. No doubt, professionals in the IT industry are eager to learn Python. 

Closing Notes 

Looking at such career benefits, don’t you want to learn Python and be a part of its fascinating growth? At a time when digital transformation is impacting every industry, you should gain Python skills and learn to survive in the dynamic job market. It has become a language of choice among developers for a variety of applications, and learning Python can make you more versatile. Start learning Python by taking a suitable online course from a reputed training provider as IT training is important for businesses. Based on your interests, you may learn how to use Python and its powerful libraries within six months. So, explore your options today!

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