How to Attach MOLLE?

By Alex
December 31, 2022

 I don’t want to inform you that you’re doing something incorrectly…

However, you could be doing it incorrectly… I had been.

Unless you were in the army or are better than me and found it out on your own…

You might not be attaching your MOLLE gear as firmly as you could be to the webbing of your basic MOLLE pack, belt, or range bag…

To put it another way, if you only thread the connection strap through to the webbing or don’t use an interlocking weave to secure both things together…

You’re not doing it correctly…

That means your accessories will shake around more than they should on your molle Velcro panel or belt in the field, you’ll be more likely to be hooked on something, and you’ll be squandering energy by not keeping your military fatigues as compact & stable as it could be.

The good news is that in less than 60 seconds, I can show you how and when to look like you understand what you’re doing.

This is where this article comes in.

Step One: Choose an Attachment Point

Before you clip anything, take a few moments to think about where you’ll put your attachment on your MOLLE pack.

The width, weight, and frequency with which you will need to retrieve what you’re attaching will determine where your attachment goes on utility pouches, so plan ahead.

The length of your connection strap might help you figure out wherever you want to connect your tactical gear.


It’s time to connect your MOLLE component once you’ve decided where you’ll put it.

Begin by threading each attachment loop through the top section of the webbing you’ll be using.

Push the attachment straps together all way to the top column of webbing to secure the pouch.

Now for the portion that I always get incorrect…

We’ll reattach the attachment straps to the MOLLE webbing and then to the extra pouch we’re attaching.

Step 3: Wrap the Attachment Strap Around the Component.

Instead of simply passing the connector strap on as many rounds of webbing as possible…

The attachment strap will be woven back into the webbing of your MOLLE equipment pouch

Pull both connection points all the way through the MOLLE nylon on the attachment pouch to ensure a secure fit. Now you’re doing it correctly!

Step 4: Keep Webbing and Your Accessories Interlocking

You’ll repeat this technique till you approach the limit of the attachment straps, based on the scale of the MOLLE attachment you’re attaching.

I’m attaching my MOLLE Plastic Bottle Pouch to an EXO-TEK 24 bugging out bag in this example. As previously stated, this bag securely attaches to 3 rows with MOLLE webbing.

So I’ll thread the attachment straps again through my strategic backpack, then two more times through the MOLLE water bag until I’ve got to the end of the connector straps.

Step 5: Secure Snap Closures

After weaving the connection points all of the way through to the MOLLE webbing mostly on the pack you’re putting your accessory pouch to and the webbing on the equipment pouch, secure the clips so your pouch doesn’t move.

Shake your pouch to sense how much less motion there is and how secure the bond to the MOLLE bag is.

The attachments you clip on nearly feel like they’re incorporated into the MOLLE backpack when they’re properly woven.

The attachments you attach nearly feel like they’re incorporated right into the MOLLE backpack when they’re woven properly.

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