Bhagwat Prasad

SEO Expert and Writer


  • Pursued Graduation in Marketing from Banaras Hindu University, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Pursued a Master's degree in Marketing from Delhi University, New Delhi.


  • Create a custom content management system.
  • Having an experience of 6+ years as an SEO expert and Writer.
  • Have managed more than 47 clients to fulfill local SEO requirements.


  • An expert search engine optimization and copywriting consultant, corporate trainer, and writing coach -- all rolled into one, straight-talking individual.
  • The combination of writing and tech makes him a perfect SEO leader.
  • He has experience in handling 25 professionals from different backgrounds at once.

Words from Bhagwat

Lead a team of 12- Have focused on increasing the website's organic visibility. I have also coordinated with the web development team to create a custom content management system. SEO writing strategist, and corporate trainer, For over 3 years, I’ve taught in-house and freelance writers how to write standout SEO content and skyrocket their revenue.

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