Is Bathroom Luxury a Myth?

February 8, 2022

We are all aware of the age-old saying ‘Health is wealth’. The first lesson to children that is probably imparted in all cultures and countries is to maintain good health and hygiene.

Being healthy comprises several factors like lifestyle, food habits, physical exercises, hygiene, and many more. Of all these aspects, hygiene can be considered as the most important one in light of the current pandemic situation.

What is hygiene?

A combination of various practices to keep one and their surroundings clean so that there is no adverse effect on health can be termed as hygiene. The most important constituent in any hygiene practice is water.

The context of hygiene can be found in ancient and religious texts. Hygiene is considered so important that it often forms an integral part of many religious rituals along with water being a sacred element.

Leaving the matter of rituals and practices, personal hygiene is our daily habit, and the area that is usually dedicated to maintaining it is the bathroom. In the ancient world, personal bathrooms were a matter of utter luxury and were afforded only by the elites of the society.

The common population used public baths for their general ebullition purposes. These public baths were so famous that even today we have the concept of Turkish baths.

Bathrooms: An epitome of luxury

Coming back to the question that was asked at the very beginning of the discussion, the answer is a straight no. Gone are the days where having a solo luxurious bath was a matter of privilege.

Today bathrooms are part of any residence despite their financial status. The splendor of a bathroom has indeed increased manifold but depending on where to look it will not pinch the pockets.

For example, at Victoria Plum, you can shop for the best of the bathroom and plumbing fixtures at a reasonable cost.

The idea of luxury is relative, especially when it comes to bathroom design. A small space does not necessarily mean that a bathroom would not be cozy and quaint. With the right design, any bathroom space can become fabulous.

The primary area of considerations in designing or remodeling a bathroom space is the ergonomics and the sense of openness. With the right elements, these two can be achieved with just a flick.

A sense of openness can be achieved in a bathroom by painting the wall with pale colors, like shades of pastel. However, making it pure white might make it too pristine to use. Another way to make a bathroom more spacious can be the affluent use of mirrors.

For example, the area over the washbasin can be completely draped by mirrored cabinets thus solving the issue of storage problems as well.

One thing that must be given grave thought is about water usage. We are all aware of the environmental conditions that our planet is going through. Therefore, the fixtures in bathrooms must be designed to minimize water usage without compromising on the users’ side.

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