How Can An Elder Law Attorney Benefit Seniors and Their Loved Ones?

An elder law attorney is a professional who acts as a legal advocate for elderly people and their loved ones. Elder law handles a broad category of matters that affect an old or disabled individual, as explained at These include issues concerning retirement, guardianship, long-term care planning, Medicaid, Medicare, and others.

Many seniors initially find it hard to plan their estate because the task forces them to consider their mortality. But in the long run, they typically experience relief after knowing the significance of the whole process.

Elder lawyers also help to ensure the right legal documents are prepared to reduce the stress on the elder’s family members in case of health emergencies. 

Additionally, when personal choices concerning your disposition of assets and property and end-of-life care are outlined in legal documents, it ensures your wishes are respected by the law. It’ll protect you from a situation where a family member gets total control over your property and manages things as they want when you’re most vulnerable.

Services Offered By Elder Care Attorneys

Estate Planning

When there’s no appropriate estate planning, your assets will be distributed according to the wishes of the state after your demise. 

Additionally, employing the services of an elder care attorney can ensure your wealth doesn’t become vulnerable to attacks from creditors after you retire. 

That being said, here are some common services offered by Elder care attorneys. 

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential part of all elder law discussions. This includes talking about the income tax consequences for required retirement account distributions, maximized taxes for people inheriting taxes at death, and federal estate tax exemptions.

Retirement Benefits Planning

The passage of the 2019 federal legislation brought about changes regarding retirement accounts. It also includes provisions designed to help you enhance your retirement savings. 

There are pending federal legislations that will add more changes to the planning landscape of retirement benefits. So your lawyer can help you prepare to take advantage of them when they get passed. 

Government Benefits Planning

There are lots of state and federal government assistance programs that can help with your monthly care cost. Most of these programs limit the eligibility of those who have a certain amount of income and assets. For this reason, you need an elder care attorney that can help guide you on how to obtain financial eligibility for these programs.

Charitable Giving

Whether you’re motivated to impact society or minimize taxes, or both positively, you can make charitable contributions while alive or after your death to non-profit organizations. Also, you can establish a charitable family foundation.

Why You Should Choose A Certified Elder Care Attorney

Suppose you are an older adult and you are looking for an attorney to help with your estate planning and other elder law-related needs; you should choose an attorney that specializes in Elder laws alone. Even though general practice lawyers may know a little about elder law, its regulations are complex and ever-changing. Choosing a lawyer based on elder care helps to ensure you get up-to-date advice.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing An Elder Care Attorney

Education & Experience

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an elder law attorney is educational qualifications. When you choose such an attorney, you can be sure you’ll get a quality service. Also, you should ensure the attorney has the required experience to address your personal needs. So it would be best if you asked how long they’ve been practicing elder law and the number of clients they’ve worked with.

Consultative Approach

An elder law attorney should be able to create a specific plan that’ll suit your elder law needs. This is because there’s no single approach that suits all clients. They should work with you while developing each plan, evaluating your needs as they take each step. 

Be ready for the lawyer to ask you some personal questions. They’re just trying to get to know you well, which is vital for your case’s success. So please don’t lie to them. 

Comfort and Convenience

From the first time you visit an elder attorney’s office, you should feel comfortable being there. You should choose an elder law attorney who can confidently answer any question you ask and address your concerns. While doing this, they should use terms that’ll be easy to understand.

You can greatly benefit from the services of an elder law attorney if you take the time to consider the factors mentioned above before you choose their service.

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