7 Amazing Benefits of Murphy Beds

April 7, 2023

From platform beds to sofa beds to bunk beds and more, there is a wide array of beds available. However, of them all, the most unique is the Murphy bed. 

Murphy beds are designed to fold up and down from walls, cabinets, and other entities. As such, they’re highly versatile, enabling you to save a great deal of space as needed. 

Curious as to the specific benefits of Murphy beds? Here is the article for you. Here are seven amazing Murphy bed benefits. 

They Provide Additional Sleeping Quarters When Needed

You have your standard bedrooms and their corresponding beds. These are needed regularly, as you and your housemates sleep in those rooms almost every night. 

What you don’t need every night is a guest room. Think about it: most guest rooms go unused most of the time. They are a waste of space throughout 99% of your life. 

That’s unless you have a Murphy bed. Because Murphy beds can fold up, they don’t necessarily need to dominate their respective guest rooms. In fact, you can keep them folded up until someone finally comes to visit. 

In truth, you don’t even need a dedicated room to use a Murphy bed. You could, for example, keep one in your living room. Then, when it finally comes time to use it, you could move other furniture out of the way before folding the Murphy bed down. 

In essence, investing in a Murphy bed gives you additional sleeping quarters when needed. These quarters don’t need to exist at all times. They can appear at the drop of a hat and then disappear again in seconds. 

That’s a high level of versatility that you can’t get with other beds. 

They Don’t Have to Affect the Look of the Room

A traditional bed is a highly noticeable piece of bedroom furniture. It dramatically affects the aesthetic of its corresponding room. In fact, it serves as its focal centerpiece. 

This doesn’t need to be the case with a Murphy bed. Because Murphy beds fold up, they’re capable of having a minimal aesthetic effect. 

You can find Murphy beds in a variety of styles. There are Murphy beds that fold up into desks, walls, closets, bookcases, and more. As such, when they’re folded up, you can’t see their bed components, just the entities they fold up into. 

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They Can Sometimes Serve Other Functions

Not all Murphy beds are created equal. Whereas some fold up into walls or closet-looking containers, others are equipped with shelves, drawers, cabinetry, and otherwise. 

As such, when you buy a Murphy bed, you might also be getting items that serve other functions. In essence, with a Murphy bed, you can kill two birds with one stone. 

They’re Highly Comfortable

Now, you might think a bed that folds out of a wall would lack comfort. In reality, however, Murphy beds are highly comfortable. 

The mattresses on these beds possess the same level of quality that you’ll see on any other bed. They contain high-quality coils that expand and contract for simple folding. When the mattress is fully laid out, these coils are highly supportive, offering adequate pressure without feeling too harsh against the body. 

So, if you’re equating a Murphy bed with a sofa bed or a cot, think otherwise. These are real beds that perform like real beds. They just have the additional benefit of folding up when needed. 

They Allow for Additional Seating When Necessary

Let’s say you’re having your friends over for a game night. You’ll need to break out the folding chairs. The question is: where will you put them? 

Well, if you had a Murphy bed, you could simply fold it up and put the chairs in the space where the bed typically sits. This makes the Murphy bed one of the best furniture options: it can always create room for additional seating. 

So, if you envision yourself having parties and get-togethers at home regularly, you should strongly consider purchasing the best Murphy bed you can manage. 

They’re Extremely Easy to Use

You might envision using a Murphy bed as having to lift a heavy and cumbersome bed frame. However, in reality, Murphy beds are straightforward to use. 

See, these beds are spring-loaded. As such, they can be folded up and down with the push of a wrist. It doesn’t matter your strength level; you should be able to operate a Murphy bed easily. 

They’re Extremely Safe to Use

You might also envision a scenario where someone gets trapped behind a folded-up Murphy bed. For instance, you might think that the bed will snap into place quickly, trapping a small child or animal behind it. 

In fact, however, Murphy’s beds fold up slowly. As such, the odds of a person or animal being trapped behind one are extremely low. And even if it were to happen, you could quite easily fold the bed back down without any damage being done. 

Murphy Beds Are the Most Versatile Beds in Existence

Every type of bed has its benefits. However, when it comes to versatility, none reaches the level of Murphy beds. By folding up and down on command, these beds can provide you with a great deal of additional space while also giving you the comfy sleeping foundation you sometimes require. 

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