Best 8 inch and 10 inch subwoofers

February 8, 2022

If you want a theatrical experience while staying in home, subwoofers are the way to go. The hard hitting bass is like a dream come true for every teenager. However choosing the best suited subwoofer is very difficult and a lot of aspects need to be considered before buying one. First and foremost, let us get to choosing the right size subwoofer. Remember that the larger the surface area of the subwoofer, the deeper it will play. This is indicated by the subs frequency response that is measured in hertz. The sub should blend intricately with your speakers hence the largest size will not work best everywhere. In case your system has compact satellite or bookshelf sized speakers it will pair flawlessly with either an 8 inch or a 10 inch subwoofer. If you have a lot of space in the room, go for a bigger subwoofer and if you have compact space available, go for smaller subwoofer. 

Now, getting onto the perfect bass for you and this depends on personal preferences. If you are into theatrical movies that make the room thunder and give you goose bumps, go for a higher bass. A smaller sub will work fine if you are into animated and romantic comedy movies. The amplification of powered subwoofers is built right inside it. A powerful bass will be achieved by higher amp wattage and hence more power works better. As the power wattage increases, the price increases so make sure you don’t go over budget.  Yu can ignore the peak power factor because it has almost no role to play in real life working performance. 

There are two types of subwoofer enclosures, one is sealed and the other is ported. Acoustic suspensions are sealed enclosures. The air in them does not move and this makes the bass more responsive and quick in terms of performance. Bass reflex enclosures are the ported enclosures with built in air vents that reinforce low bass output. They produce high bass even at low wattage but they end up taking a lot of unnecessary space. They have mimic-able speakers with the ports and this produces more sound. Always use an isolation platform while placing the sub because this will prevent it from sliding and rattling. The vibrations will not cause it to move from its place. 

Cone mounts should also be kept in mind while buying the subwoofer. The single cone mounts can be mounted in two ways, down firing and front firing. The way they are mounted usually makes a difference because this cone has to move inside and outside while the subwoofer works. The down firing cones are mounted on the bottom of the subwoofer and cabinet whereas the front firing cones are placed on the side of the cabinet.

You can always add another subwoofer to boost up the bass in the room. Remember that in most cases, two smaller speakers work better than one large speaker. The home theatre receivers usually use RCA outputs for subwoofer connections and some receivers have two outputs that let you easily add a second subwoofer. Place these subwoofers on two ends of the room. Never place them together because this will cause a lot of distortions. Try to either make it diagonal to each other of right in front of the other one. 

The best 8 inch subwoofer is given by the monoprice. This 8 inch subwoofer is capable of producing 60 watts of RMS output. The frequency response ranges from 50 hertz to 250 hertz and the low pass cover filter can be adjusted from 50 hertz to 150 hertz. The subwoofer comes with knobs and dials on the control panel that allows you to adjust the frequency, the crossover filter and the power output. This also enables a premium balance between the outside speakers and the bass output. It can be used with many existing stereos because of the multiple input options. It works best with 5.1 amplifier system.

 Every input has a corresponding output. The amplifiers stereo speaker outputs gives off full range signals that are readily accepted by high level inputs. The subwoofer gives its own power and this also includes impedance matching circuitry. The matching circuitry will not let the power to be reduced to the front speakers only. Moreover, this subwoofer comes with a set of left and right level inputs that can be connected with a standard stereo system incase no line ups are available. Lastly, it comes at a commendable price and is affordable to anyone with a low budget who wants to buy the best bass giving subwoofer. 

Coming on to the best 10 inch subwoofer, we have the Polk audio subwoofer. This is a uniquely designed 10 inch subwoofer that provides bass with increased depth to the sound and the configured provide makes sure that the bass is accurate.  This 10 inch subwoofer works best for small to medium rooms that don’t have a lot of space available. It can blend easily with any type of speaker and it plays even the most difficult nodes easily. The built in 50 watts RMS van be doubled to 100 watts for dynamic power. This makes the material resonance free and highly durable. It can easily be used with existing systems if you attach this sub to the receiver and this will upgrade your music sound instantly. Moreover, the options are ceaselessly variable in the shape of 80-160 cycle crossover and 40-160 cycle (-3dB) frequency response. Furth more, the sleek classic grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs likewise as speaker-level outputs on the rear, and a section electrical switch for multiple subwoofers enable the speaker to be cohesive and complete without any added complications. 

Get your hands on these subwoofers as soon as possible if you are craving some quality theatrical experience while in lockdown. We have provided you with adequate information that will help you make your decision.

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