10 Best Dog Trainers in Los Angeles

February 8, 2022

Canine companions need professional and highly qualified trainers both for basic obedience and advanced training. To know a good dog trainer, you should inquire about the trainer’s methods as well as their training philosophy. Another way of getting a good trainer is by finding one who provides the services that you need. It’s of essence to ask for the trainer’s credentials.

Dog pet owners strive to ensure that their dogs are part of the family and learn how to co-exist with other family members. If you have been searching for the best dog trainers near me, K9 Answers offers you the support you need. Below is a list of the ten best dog trainers in this Los Angeles.

iWorkDogs Dog Training Co.

This is one of the highly ranked dog training companies. It provides expert pooch training programs. The main focus is to establish a synergy between the dog and its guardian.  They offer in-home private sessions, group dog training as well as puppy obedience training classes. The main services offered here include immersive board and boot camp programs.

Angel Dogs

This is one of the best dog trainer companies with the most basic as well advanced dog training packages. It’s a certified, credited and insured company. Services offered include private dog training lessons, group dog obedience classes, family lessons, basic and advanced canine obedience training.

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Karma Dog Training.

Karma Dog Training was formed in 2004. It has a staff of professional dog trainers whose area of specialty is animal behavior modification. Special puppy kindergarten classes are available as well as private and group classes. The company offers services such as obedience training, star puppy classes, canine good citizen classes, treatment plans, and protocols for separation anxiety. Others include Zen-type dog training, dog-on-dog aggression, dog behavior modification among others. 

Happy  Paws Dog Training LA

This is a dog training company located in the Portland  Oregon area. It Was formerly known as the Lowest Alsatian & Dog training society. It deals with Pet training services such as obedience training.

K9 Logic Dog Training.

This is a professional dog training company with experienced and certified trainers. It serves Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas. Services offered include; puppy training, board and train, obedience training, and private training for dogs of all ages. K9 Logic Dog Training focuses on strengthening the communication between the owner and the dog through simple methods that result in long-lasting outcomes.

LA’s Dog Trainer

LA’s Dog trainer is under one Jacqueline Gaillard. This trainer has a degree in Exotic animal training, animal behavior management, wildlife education, and Sociology. She has been doing professional dog training for over fifteen years now. Obedience training and positive behavior reinforcement are among the kind of training offered here.

Bark Busters Los Angeles

Bark Busters was founded over 25 years ago to help owners work with dog trainers in their own homes. Bark Busters is ranked as one of the biggest dog training companies in the world with experienced dog trainers who have specialized in animal behavior. It has trained over one million dogs globally via a language that is understandable to the dogs and by also training owners humane techniques for treating their dogs. Bark Busters focuses on training people as much as it focuses on training their pets.

The Zen Dog

The company has a tagline “ There  are no bad dogs.” They take in dogs with the most wanting behaviors that render them homeless and unable to cope with domestic life. In short, The Zen Dog is a haven for aggressive, violent, abused, and bad-mannered dogs. Each dog in this place has a whiteboard hanging on the wall describing its issue.

The Zen dog also receives and tends to several dogs that get kicked off from other daycares. For this reason, it has become a place for dog owners who have nowhere to take their ill-mannered and aggressive dogs.

Zoom  Room Dog Training

The company offers private and group training classes including puppy training, obedience training, dog therapy training, agility, dog tricks, scents training, among others. It is furnished with an indoor dog park where dogs and their owners can enjoy themselves. The dog indoor park is friendly including the best toys for dogs as well as leashes and puzzles. Unlike other training companies, in Zoom Room, owners are expected to be with their dogs and socialize with them during the indoor dog training gym.


This is a daycare and boarding facility that occupies an indoor and outdoor space of 14,000 sq. ft. This training center deals with highly professional programs in daycare, grooming, boarding, massage, and training of dogs. Dog trainers incorporate positive reinforcement alongside clicker training methods to offer holistic dog care and training.
Dog training is very important to both the dog and the owner. Dogs get to learn basic life skills crucial to coping with domestic life. Obedience training also equips them with good behavior. For more information, visit, https://k9answers.com.

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