Find the Best Landscape Designers in Portland, OR

December 5, 2022

Finding Portland’s reputable landscape designers can seem like a daunting task. After all, if you’re unfamiliar with this field, you may not know how to go about finding the right people to carry out its relevant tasks. Finding such professionals becomes easier when you know what to look for. Hiring the right landscape designer could mean the difference between having a beautiful front yard and a dysfunctional one.

What Does Landscape Designing Involve?

Whether you’re a property owner or manager, having an attractive front area is crucial to the overall curb appeal of your property. Ensuring attractive features like gardens and patios adds that extra appeal to your property. That’s where landscape designing becomes necessary.

Landscape designers are tasked with creating beautiful outdoor living areas, whether in residential homes or public places like parks. A crucial part of being a landscape designer involves a lot of creativity. This is necessary because landscape designers need to have a lot of knowledge on different subjects like soil composition, drainage, ecological factors, etc. Having extensive knowledge of all such matters, coupled with creativity, helps landscape designers to create beautiful landscapes.

How to Find the Best Landscape Designers for Your Project

If you’re considering hiring a landscape designer, it helps to identify your expectations. Start by asking yourself some crucial questions. For example, what is your budget? How much are you willing to adjust the budget? What kind of landscape do you expect after the landscape designer is done with the project? What happens when your idea is not feasible enough for implementation by the landscape designer? Having satisfactory answers to such questions is the first step toward hiring a good landscape designer for your project.

Next, you’ll need to start actively looking for a landscape designer. To do this, follow these steps.

Talk to Family and Acquaintances

If you are considering hiring a landscape designer in Portland, OR, start by consulting with family and friends. Given Portland’s favorable climate, many people turn to landscape design services for their small gardens and front yards. Someone you know has likely had to hire a landscape designer before. If they recommend a landscape designer while giving positive reviews, it means you’ve found a trustworthy and reliable landscape designer.

Go Online

The internet can be a useful tool for finding your ideal landscape designer. Go online and type “best landscape designers in Portland.” This should give you a plethora of hits from which to pick. It then becomes a matter of sifting through a few of them and doing further research to find those with qualities that jump out at you.

Ask About Experience and Credentials

Like many other fields, landscape designing tends to attract its fair share of crooks– individuals without the right qualifications or certifications looking to make a quick buck. Once you’ve made a list of potential landscape designers that you’d like to consider for your project, it’s important to screen each one of them to avoid the crooks. Ask about their work experience to see if it matches your project’s requirements. A landscape designer that has previously handled your kind of project is likely to do a better job compared to a novice.

Ask about their credentials. If they have any landscape designing certifications, ask them to see them. It also helps if such a landscape designer is a member of a recognized fraternity like a landscape designing association. This will further prove that they are competent and legitimate.

Ask to Visit a Job Site

Landscape designing is one of those fields where results trump everything else. If landscape designer is as good as they claim to be, their work will show this. When choosing a landscape designer, ask to see one of their jobs in progress. This will tell you a lot about what to expect. For example, a poorly-managed work site may indicate a lax attitude and a lack of professionalism. Ask about the original timeline for the project’s completion. This will help you gauge their capabilities as far as finishing your project on time.

Landscape Designer vs Landscape Architect

Many people tend to confuse these two professions. While they may work closely on several kinds of projects, what they do is different. A landscape designer usually works on small projects involving gardens in residential homes. Also, some jurisdictions may not require licensure for them. Landscape architects tend to work on larger projects involving large tracts of land. They must have a license to practice their craft. Many landscape architects that run their own firms hire landscape designers as part of their staff. 

All in all, you can find the best landscape designer for your project if you take the time to do some thorough research.

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