The Best USP-S Skins in 2023

By Vedwik
April 27, 2023

An all-time fan favorite, the silenced USP-S pistol is a classic Counter-Terrorist spawn pistol. This semi-automatic pistol comes with a detachable silencer, reducing recoil as well as noise. It has high running accuracy but inflicts moderate damage. 

While the shooting rate is slow, you can kill an enemy with one USP-S headshot. An extensive range of skins is available for the USP-S model in CS:GO, so check out our comprehensive list of the best USP skins in 2023 to see which one you like the most.

The Traitor 

The Traitor

The Traitor is perfect for those going for a distinguished look. The pistol has a golden snake painted on it, creeping among the branches with a person dangling upside down on its red and gold skin. Just insane! 

One of the more recent additions to the game, released in May 2021, USP-S | The Traitor doesn’t come cheap. It starts at a smooth $9.13. If you’re thinking about getting the skin from Steam, go over to DMarket instead. It is a secure trading platform that offers the lowest available rates and numerous payment options. 

Kill Confirmed


USP-S | Kill Confirmed paints a truly formidable and spine-chilling picture, featuring a flaming bullet bursting out of a skull with fearsome fangs amongst red, black, and gold hues. This fatal piece was released as part of the Shadow Collection and is a bit expensive. It starts at $27.66, but is totally worth its price tag. 

Ticket to Hell

Ticket to hell

Another futuristic design, USP-S | Ticket to Hell is garnished with a range of images in white over a smooth black finish. From the craziest pair of teeth you’ve ever seen to a barcode, it’s certainly a unique design. Priced at less than a dollar and available in the Dreams and Nightmare Case, it’s a cool skin for your collection.



USP-S | Orion is another ultra-modern design. It was released a while back and its mix of orange and black shades gives it an undeniably sleek look. Part of the Huntsman Collection, the gun costs $16.99. 

Orange Anolis

Orange Anolis

With reptilian scales painted all over its body, USP-S | Orange Anolis is the freshest piece from the 2021 Dust 2 Collection. You get a great deal at just $6.37 as well. 

Monster Mashup

Monster Mashup

Monster Mashup is our pick for the best design on this list and will blow your mind. Of all the vibrant colors and designs, our favorite is the doodle-like green crocodile that is included in the Operation Broken Fang Case and can be purchased for $8.50.

While there is a wide variety of skins available to pick from, the wear condition, cost, and overall appearance of the skin are some of the most important considerations to make when choosing a skin for your USP-S.

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