The Biggest Creators Using Kofi

April 25, 2023

Kofi is for anyone that wants to earn money by receiving payments or donations from their fan base. Often used by content producers, writers, and artists, the platform can be used as a tip jar or for commissions and product selling.

It is different from similar sites as Kofi enables creators to build their own membership community, crowdfund and post updates to supporters. It works for specific events too, whether it’s charity games for a uk poker site or other events within your community Kofi can help with your fundraising goals. 

There are some big names using the platform for all kinds of purposes. Here of some Kofi users, you may have heard of using the site to gain income from doing the things they are passionate about.

The biggest creators that are using Kofi

Cyber Barbie

Cyber Barbie is a talented web developer and content creator who streams her studies of Python every day on Twitch. She encourages her followers to code alongside her while she streams live projects, and tutorials and provides challenges for the learning experience.

The creator, whose real name is Tae’lur Alexis, set up a Kofi account with the aim of fundraising for her name CodeEveryday platform. The site provides resources for coders and prospective coders, including interview preparation materials and job opportunities for coders from non-traditional backgrounds.

Cyber Barbie has surpassed her initial fundraising goal on the platform and continues to share content as she relaunches CodeEveryday in 2023. 

Steff Von Schweetz

Las Vegas-based cosplayer Steff Von Schweetz is another high-profile Kofi user. Steff is a self-taught makeup artist, tailor, and seamstress with over 19 years of experience and now channels their talents into creating intricate costumes.

They have been featured in a number of industry magazines including, MangaBomb, Cosmode, and OtakuUSA, as well as the film I Wish I Was Here. 

On Kofi, Steff encourages their fans to make suggestions on the content they would like to see, such as makeup tutorials or wig tips. They also do commissions on request.

Anyone that donates on Kofi to Steff is given lifetime access to their cosplay Discord channel. At present, Steff is raising funds for a Genshin Gorou costume.

Eric Campbell

Gaming streamer Eric Campbell also uses Kofi as a source of income. The streamer has been running games for more than two decades and became a Game Master after joining Geek & Sundry in 2016. We have published all information on ehallpass portal.

He has been running campaigns such as those on Shield of Tomorrow, Doctor Who, and Callisto 6. He left Geek and Sundry in 2019 but he is still very active in the community and is a big part of the Dungeons and Dragons castle event.

He is also one of the co-founders of the Streampunks RPG group. On Kofi, Eric posts regular updates about campaigns and the events and conventions he is attending. 

Supporters can make one donation or join as a member for a subscription to the League of Whimsy. This gives the supporter access to fan fiction, blogs, and exclusive Q&A sessions. 

Open Collab

Kofi is also a great place for musicians and Open Collab is a well-known example on the platform. Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, Open Collab consist of Charlie and Jake, a pair who describe themselves as a multi-instrumental live-looping duo. 

Together the duo explores ways to combine spoken word and poetry with improv music. On Kofi, they promote their monthly live stream of music and poetry collaborations. Supporting poets can make submissions and have their words turned into looped soundscapes and harmonies. 

Ellie Mackin Roberts

Kofi is also a place for academics and the ancient historian Ellie Mackin Roberts has a following of more than 21,000 users. Greek Mythology is Ellie’s main topic of choice, the historian regularly shares TikToks about their research. 

Aside from posting content, Dr. Mackin Roberts is also a Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology at King’s College London. On Kofi, they offer a multi-tiered subscription model to the content. 

For example, those paying £1 a month can access poetry and short stories, and other exclusive content. However, with a £5+ membership, the user can access Ellie’s research OneNote which contains research notes on ancient sources and scholarship.

Overall, content creators on Kofi have earned more than $100m since the platform’s formation. The site does not take any fees from donations but users can upgrade to Gold for access to additional features

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