Top Bouncy Castle Maintenance Tips

June 11, 2022

A bouncy castle is a massive inflatable structure used by children to play and jump, and it resembles stylized castles or buildings. Nothing makes the children happier than vibrant, clean, and safe bouncy castles. Most companies take bookings and deliver dirty equipment, which turns off the customers, which is mainly common in the rainy season. 

It will help to use the correct bouncy castle cleaner to improve its efficiency and lifespan. Top-quality bouncy castles are available at Bounce house rentals, and below, we discuss the top bouncy castle maintenance tips.

Spray After Using

This is the first and most obvious point to prolong the castle’s lifespan. It is advisable to clean the castle after every hire, and you should only exempt it if it does not get dirty. You can clean it using many ways, but you should first inflate it in your garden. Warm soapy water is also an alternative; suppose you want to clean it on a budget. 

However, a bouncy castle cleaning solution is ideal if you have enough funds. Leave the castle for ten minutes after cleaning and use warm water for the final round. Ensure you store it in a dry place since any dampness can occur in mold. 

It will also help to cover the castle using talcum powder if you store it for a long time to avoid damage. 

Store It Correctly

Bouncy castles are best stored in a bouncy castle bag, keeping it safe from tear and wear. This bag also prevents the castle’s damage, plus it allows you to carry it around easily. 

Use Groundsheets

The castle’s underside is the most liable part, prone to damage. It will help to use groundsheets since it runs on the ground mostly. Ensure you use the groundsheet whenever the castle is hired to prevent the underneath from being dirty and keeps the castle safe from rips and tears by stones and other objects. 

Also, avoid hiring the castle during rainy days to prevent its damage. Rain affects the castle’s materials, making it a health hazard when wet. 

Conduct Repairs

The bouncy castle is inevitable to tear and wear, no matter the precautions we use to maintain it. It is advisable to complete all pending repairs to prevent them from going overboard. It is also possible to use a repair kit as a temporary solution until you get a permanent solution. 

A professional bouncy castle clean-up is another way to prolong its span. It is possible to get these services from professional companies found with the touch of a button. 

How Long Do Bouncy Castles Last?

The main factor determining the castle’s lifespan is its quality. The material quality and manufacturing process have a significant influence on its longevity. Retail bouncy castles are the cheapest but have a lower quality. 

It will help to take more affordable options since they last longer, giving you value for your money.

Final Thoughts 

Bouncy castles are excellent ways for children to have fun outside. They are available in different types, spoiling children for choice. The top bouncy castle maintenance tips include cleaning and storing well. These castles are available at Bounce house rentals at affordable rates. 

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