Can Any Watch be Repaired?

December 5, 2022

For many people, a watch is a statement piece – the element that completes their ensemble. And while its purpose has evolved, a watch remains a timeless symbol of luxury, success, and personal style. Perhaps you’re the type of person who fancies the thought of adding another timepiece to your collection. In that case, you can snag one from the collection of clocks for sale at Dutch Antiques – perhaps to infuse old-world flair into your den. 

While owning a watch can be a prestigious experience, it can also be costly. Depending on the brand and model, watches can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Plus, what happens when your watch stops working? Is any watch reparable?

Well, a competent watchmaker can repair any watch. But, the answer, unfortunately, is not always straightforward. While a qualified watchmaker can easily repair most timepieces, others are a different kettle of fish – requiring to be sent back to the manufacturer for service. So, before you assume you have to replace your watch, consider taking it to a qualified watch repair specialist.

How to Tell it’s Time for Repair

Usually, watches don’t just give up the ghost. Mostly, they provide some warning before they stop working altogether. That said, be on the lookout for signs that may indicate your timepiece needs expert attention, including:

Failure to Keep Accurate Time

your watch should keep up with the time, even if it’s just gaining or losing a few seconds each day. Something could be wrong if it starts to run significantly faster or slower.

The Watch Stops Working

this could be due to a worn-out battery, although it could mean you have a more serious problem on your hands. A qualified clockmaker can determine the cause.


if you’ve accidentally dropped your watch a few times, the bangs it took may have caused some internal damage. While it might not be visible outside, it could cause your timepiece to malfunction. The same goes for water damage – even if your watch is waterproof, repeated exposure to water can cause problems. You might also see moisture inside the watch face, a telltale sign of a leak.

Loose Hands:

If your watch’s hands are moving erratically, it’s a good idea to take it in for service. The same applies if the second hand is frozen in place. Usually, the gears controlling the hands may need cleanup, adjustment, or lubrication.

Is the Repair Worth it?

Sure, your watch may be repairable, but is it worth it? It depends. Let’s address a few variables that can help you determine the way forward, including:

The Watch’s Value

if you paid very little for it, it might be impractical to repair it. In fact, repair costs could exceed the value of the watch. But, if you’re talking of an antique you cherish or a luxury timepiece, the investment might be worth it.

The Type of Damage

as we mentioned, some types are easier (and less expensive) to fix than others. The service will be affordable if your watch needs a new battery or a quick cleaning. Conversely, repair costs could be higher if it needs more significant work – like a new movement.

The Warranty

a repair or replacement might suffice if your watch is still under warranty. Check your warranty paperwork to see what it covers and for how long.

Age of the Watch

as watches age, parts can become harder (and more expensive) to the source. As a result, it may make sense to replace it. Besides, the watchmaker may not have the necessary equipment to handle the repair, which could mean sending it off to the manufacturer – adding even more to the cost.

The Repairer’s Capabilities

your trusty watchmaker, might be able to fix just about anything…but not your particular watch. If they don’t have the skills or experience to work on your brand and you’re unwilling to take your chances with someone else, you might be left with no choice but to replace the watch.

Leave the Repair Work to a Pro

There’s a reason qualified watchmakers exist – it takes immense skill and experience to repair watches properly. With that in mind, if you decide to have your watch repaired, I strongly suggest entrusting the work to a qualified professional.

For instance, if your watch is a family heirloom, leaving it to just anyone could be a recipe for disaster. They could botch the repair, and you risk never seeing your watch again. The same goes for luxury watches – you don’t want to hand it over to a novice and end up with an even pricier paperweight.

Having a specialist handle the repairs can keep your timepiece ticking for years. Hopefully, the information from this write-up can help you decide the next time your watch or clock develops a fault.

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