Top 7 CAPM® Certification Training Courses in the USA

November 23, 2022

It’s essential to get the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification to advance in the project management field. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has accredited this credential, adding to its value. You can use this credential to further your project management professional aspirations.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the next level after the CAPM certification for most people. Many colleges and universities provide CAPM training. Learn more about the best CAPM courses by reading this article.

Those who want to become CAPM certified must complete specific education and job experience requirements. You’ll need to put in much time studying for this exam because the questions are pretty thorough, and you can give just one correct answer for each one. While looking for this exam, enrolling in a few classes can help you do well on it the first time around.

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What is CAPM Certification?

CAPM is an entry-level credential for project managers. This widely recognized PMI certification includes essential project management knowledge, techniques, and terminology.

CAPM is based on the PMI framework and PMBOK standards (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge). Exam questions cover project management knowledge areas and process groupings.

Successful completion of the CAPM certification course ensures a candidate’s project management skills and knowledge. This credential helps people address project management’s main issues.

Top 7 CAPM Certification Training Courses in the USA

CAPM® Certification Training Course in San Diego

Certified Associate in Project Manager (CAPM®) certification can help future project managers. CAPM certification training in San Diego can help project managers distinguish between engineering, IT, and manufacturing. A San Diego CAPM certification training can boost your credibility as a project manager.

CAPM training in San Diego teaches project management tools and best practices. This CAPM course in San Diego will help you start or enhance your career. 

Simplilearn online certificate course in San Diego is for project management professionals. This certification is excellent for project associates or executives and project management professionals.

CAPM Certification Training in NYC

PMI created the CAPM® exam to measure aspiring project managers’ knowledge and skills. The four-day CAPM® exam course prepares you for the exam. Nobledesktop’s CAPM® Bootcamp training teaches the five stages of project management and ten knowledge areas.

Their training contains an exam prep guide, video curriculum, and lectures given by a certified PMP® and experienced Project Manager to take you through the CAPM® application process. Upon completing this course, you will be awarded an official certificate.

ExcelR is a training and consultancy organization based in Houston, Texas. They serve students, professionals, corporations, and educational institutions.

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Brain Sensei CAPM Certification Course

Brain Sensei’s course is different from other test prep companies’ monotonous lectures. This CAPM review course uses a samurai story to teach project management fundamentals.

Brain Sensei approaches CAPM prep differently than other options. Thus you may be dubious of its value. A free trial showcases the course’s layout to help you see why it’s a fantastic resource. Brain Sensei also offers a 30-day return policy. Finally, they will answer any support difficulties as promptly as possible; students often receive responses to support emails within a few hours of writing them.

Brain Sensei is unique, which is a good thing. They offer an entertaining approach to project management instruction, even for easily distracted pupils.

The PM PrepCast™

As a result of years of customer feedback, PM Prepcast’s CAPM course presents the PMBOK in an organized and understandable manner. PM Prepcast leverages student feedback to rework the PMBOK knowledge into more digestible elements, so you won’t get tripped up when finishing your 23 contact hours with this course.

You may maximize your study time with PM Prepcast’s more than 750 practice questions and five complete practice examinations, which you can take at home or on mobile devices. Taking the PM Prepcast method gives you unrestricted access to the online preparation course in a self-paced style at your leisure, which is always a benefit.

Dooey’s CAPM Bootcamp

In this Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® training program, students learn about the five process groups and ten knowledge areas that make up the Project Management Institute (PMI) project® ‘s management methodology. The CAPM test preparation course covers the fundamentals of project management and related processes. They make up for the absence of additional tools, such as a mobile app and flashcards, with the intensity and thoroughness they use practice quizzes to prepare.

GreyCampus CAPM Certification Training

To prepare for the PMI’s globally recognized CAPM® Certification, GreyCampus provides training in project management skills worldwide. Project management’s eleven knowledge domains and five process groups are all included. This course provides access to practice exams that are exact replicas of the real thing. Exam analytics help you identify and correct any deficiencies before the exam. PMI awards the CAPM® certificate to those who pass the CAPM® certification exam. Course completion and credit certificates are also available through GreyCampus.

Velociteach CAPM Certification Training Course

In the CAPM training course offered by Velociteach, the balance between interactivity and organized education is emphasized. This course takes students through all 47 crucial project management processes and ties them back to lessons that they will remember. Even if you fail three times a year, they’ll give you a complete refund.

Flashcards, over 40 hours of lecture time, and four complete practice examinations are all included in this CAPM study course. In addition, they offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Final verdict

The field of project management is experiencing rapid expansion. Obtaining a CAPM certification is an excellent way to get started if you are interested in taking advantage of the growing demand for qualified project managers. A CAPM course from Varsity Tutors can assist you as you work toward earning your CAPM certification. You can enhance your preparation for the next CAPM exam in several ways by working with an experienced CAPM instructor. It is also possible to help you better use the time you have already committed to studying for the CAPM. Why should you wait? Get in touch with the school offering the appropriate program to get started.

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