Why One Needs A Center Channel Speaker?

January 30, 2023

Center channel speaker

Home theatre has become another movie theatre’s offspring in almost every modern household. The dire need to improve its sound efficiency has brought broad changes in the era of speakers and its respected surround channels, creating a whole movie theatre aura altogether.

Earlier stereo sound was divided primarily into the left and right speakers with mixed principal vocals and dialog. Sound used to be explicitly divided into the left and right speakers, but with the center channel, sound dialogs were given the right place in the sound system.

With channel speakers came flexibility and autonomy to uphold the dialog with the correct frequencies and base amount, which could be altered. 

Let’s explore the center channel speaker and its unprecedented journey in the music world.

Center channels

Center Channel With Assisting Surround Sound

The concept of the center channel flourished when the vocals, dialogs channels, and audio were getting blended among the left and right speakers. The Center channel was an exceptional concept that empowered the efficient music system.

Surround sound in the music system assisted the center channel and its features effectively with other surround system setups. A proper surround system has front L/R speakers, a surround L/R speaker, a dedicated center channel, and a subwoofer.

Previously(Traditional stereo), the vocals were adjusted in a phantom center, which later was replaced by center channel speakers to have an adequate sound system in our home movie theatres.

Traditional Stereo Audio & Its Speaker Companion

Traditional stereo speaker

Traditional stereo speakers were powered with only left and right speakers with their vocals displayed at an assumed “sweet spot,” which functions to create a user-friendly blessing. Vocals move accordingly with the listening user in their respective right and left channels.

Left and right speakers with the center channels had auto-detection and frequency-maintaining features, which was discovered later in the 1930s.

The Center channel accounts for 70% of the dialog earlier supported by speakers in traditional stereo systems. 

Advantages of Center Channel

Center speaker is an advantage that powers us to

  • Adjust Vocals and Dialogs

Previously, the vocals and dialogs of our movies and music soundtrack used to loop in the sweet spot. With the Center channel, we have the incentive to change the frequencies of vocals and dialogs with a connected center channel speaker. This won’t affect any part of your front and surrounding left and right speaker in the surrounding system but will further enhance your experience.

  • Autonomy 

Autonomy spells the flexibility the Center channel acquires while blooming in the surrounding sound system vicinity. With changing listening positions, the center channel performs the same center spot experience, thus creating a real phantom for users to avail the best dialog and vocal experience in their entertainment service.

What If Channel Speaker Is Absent

If your surround system lacks a center channel, then primarily, you need to tell your sound system settings that you don’t have any.

Accordingly, the sound system setup will allow the receiver on the left and the right main speaker to perform the needful functions as it does in the stereo system. 

Depending on the left and proper channels, you can adjust the volume settings through the left and right center channels.

Where to Place The Center Channel and Maintain Its Volume

Essential query that meets us while setting our home stereos is, “where should we place the center channel to maintain its volume?” It’s essential to match the right sound logarithm while setting our center channel, and placing it in between the sound system is another illusion in which people live.

As per experts, proximity between the center speaker and other companion channels is necessary, with equivalent volume maintained. 

Appearance of Center Channel

Appearance of Center channels

Wondering what your center channel should be like once you have decided on the right place where it should be placed? Your center channel should be horizontal in its shape dimension. 

This is not by the technicalities but by the right placement of the speakers. With horizontal speakers, keeping the respective channel speaker either above or below the TV or video screen boxes is convenient.

How to Buy Center Channel Speaker

Can I use a regular speaker for the center channel? Yes, you can go for a regular speaker for your center channel but do care of its placing position and the structural shape required to make a lasting and effective effect in your home theatres.

If you are considering buying a center speaker, then the following are the points you should take care of.

  • Anchor points
  • Horizontal shape.
  • Adjustable frequency.
  • Same characteristics speakers as left and right speaker channels.

Closing Thoughts

Center channel speakers have evolved for good betterment, and currently, we have a variety of center speakers to glow our home theatres with. So, now not just with neon lighting but with the best sound system, ignite your drawing room to elicit adventure.

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