Which Is Better: Chain or Belt Garage Door Opener?

February 8, 2022

These two garage door openers are two of the most common types out there at the moment. They have enjoyed significant technological improvements over the years, like snowmobile GPS. As such, people have various sentiments when it comes to picking between them. Some believe that the belt is better than the chain, while others think otherwise. Whichever case is true, we intend to make a comprehensive comparison between the two. 

Mechanism of Action

As soon as you lay your eyes on the two, you will get an overall grasp of how they operate. The chain type works through a metallic string connected to other parts that work together to control the door. On the other hand, the belt type rolls to adjust the unit and allows you to control it as soon as it slides a trolley. Besides, the chain type typically moves the door up and down.


The belt opener is less affordable than its counterpart, but it compensates for it with its durability. The major factor responsible for its typical longevity lies in using a trolley rather than a spring. It is also more accessible than the other type. On the other hand, the chain type is cheaper and more common than its counterpart. It also comes with more functionality, and this accounts for why almost everyone uses this type. On the downside, it is not as durable as its part wears out rapidly due to the frequent use. 


Like we noted above, there’s a clear winner in terms of durability. When you talk of strength, the chain kind has the upper hand to carry massive doors. Some experts recommend that they should not be used for light doors. Also, many people use the chain type because of its strength and ability to handle wide spaces. On the other hand, small doors should use belt kinds as they are built for such weight. However, with recent advances in technology, we now have belt types that can carry large doors. 


The belt type wins this category as it works quieter than its counterpart. Many people will prefer a quiet opener, especially when bedtime approaches. Some people want it noisy during the day and even at night to alert them of unusual garage activities. This will be especially useful if the house is far from the garage. You can buy the noisier chain type in this case. 

The cause of noise in the chain drive is the clashing of its metallic parts, absent in a typical belt drive. In essence, the choice is yours as your need will determine the best type.


Smooth operation is another basis for comparing these two devices. The belt type wins again as it works smoothly when compared with its counterpart. The chain kind needs constant or periodic maintenance if you want to enjoy its service for a long time. 

Operating Speed

Operating speed is not an absolute or core factor in comparing opener types as most manufacturers ensure that they regulate the opener speed. This is to prevent unforeseen accidents due to fast-closing entrances. Hence, operating speed is barely discernible when you compare. However, due to its smooth operation, the belt type seems to have the upper hand here also.

Merits and Demerits of The Belt Class

Assembly and installation are usually seamless. You can also easily take it out for repair or periodic check. It is also a relatively accessible product out there. On the downside, if you live in a scorching region or you subject your door to extremes of heat, the belt type might not be able to keep up. Since the major component is rubber, this might cause a setback concerning durability. They are also less affordable, but the good news lies in their extended warranty.

Merits and Demerits of the Chain Class

They are fairly long-lasting and tend to work all year long without any hassle if you check them periodically. You can also get this opener in almost any market or store in your vicinity because of how common they are. They are also very affordable, which is partly responsible for their ubiquitous nature. On the downside, they make more noise and are slower during operation. They also require frequent oiling as their parts are made of numerous springs and metals.

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