What Chemicals Do Lawn Care Companies Use?

November 17, 2022

Owning a home can be a huge pleasure, and remains the biggest personal milestone in the lives of many Americans. However, that doesn’t mean homeownership doesn’t come with a whole lot of work and responsibility. 

Mastering the art of lawn care is one such task, and it’s something that many novice homeowners struggle with. Many decide to turn to a lawn care service to help with this kind of often-complicated work. 

What chemicals do lawn care companies use? You might be curious about this if you’re planning on bringing this kind of help out to your home. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about typical lawn service tactics. 

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What Does a Lawn Care Service Provide? 

Need lawn care tips for your yard? A lawn service could certainly provide them, and do a whole lot more for you than that. 

The main goal of any kind of lawn care service is to have your outdoor area looking its best. That traditionally means killing off weeds, providing water, trimming bushes and hedges, and tending to flower beds.

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Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, and often, pesticide-based chemicals are used to kill off weeds and other unfriendly threats to your lawn. Millions and millions of pounds of chemicals are used yearly to care for lawns around the world.

As you can imagine, there’s some concern over what these chemicals are and how they might impact your yard, your family, and the planet as a whole. 

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What Chemicals Do Lawn Care Companies Use?

Not all lawn service companies use the same chemicals. There are all sorts of ways to treat a lawn out there, and you’ll want to do your own research about what kind of treatment you think suits your yard the best. 

With this knowledge in mind, you can then find a lawn care service that meets your criteria.

Generally speaking, many lawn care companies use a chemical known as glyphostate. This is a post-emergent weed control chemical that comes in many different forms. It’s one of the most common weed killers out there.

Even though glyphosate has been used for decades, there remain some concerns about how it may impact the environment and overall human health. 

Other common chemicals include dicamba, fluazifopbutyl, and sethooxydim. 

Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Looking to keep your own personal lawn looking its best? You’ll want to bring in some professional help.

What chemicals do lawn care companies use? The above information can help you understand what these businesses do to treat your lawn and keep it looking fresh. Doing more of your own research on these types of chemicals can prove quite ellucidating. 

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