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August 25, 2022

Diversify your range of knowledge about games and movies by playing the cinematic video slots. These games will take you on Aladdin’s magic carpet and you can explore the reel world of multiple genres while playing these slots. You have the choice of choosing from any of your favorite stories and reliving the situation yourself that you have once seen in the reels.

While growing up we always wanted to be a part of the stories we heard or the toons we watched. Well, Cinematic Video Slots has developed an interface for its users that offers unique features, giving you the sensation of playing the game and living the toon story at the same time. These slots deliver the perfect player immersion letting the players make their own choices by playing the game.

Stories Brought to Life Through Video Slots

Several cinematic video slots can be downloaded or played online. These slots either present their own story or are inspired by popular movie franchises. For example, the game provider “Microgaming” brought the famous dinosaur’s movie “Jurassic Park” to the gaming world. Another famous example is Jumanji, the movie was inspired by a children’s book. “NetEnt” developed another cinematic video slot game, Jumanji, that is inspired by both its sources the book as well as the movie, and covered all the characters in the story.

The Cinematic Video Slot games can further be classified into two types depending upon the graphics quality by the developers and these are 2D and 3D graphics.

2D graphics quality games are often made to keep the game simple and lightweight. By “Lightweight”, we mean consuming less space on the device. 2D games are often developed using drawing, however, the creators have to keep in mind that they should maintain the nostalgia that is similar to watching the cartoons in the past decade.

Different game providers come with different ways of presenting the story to the users in the video slot games. The common way that most of the game providers are using to introduce the user to the game’s story, is by presenting a short 3D video before the game starts. This animated video sets the perfect base for the user to play the game further keeping his character in mind.

There are a few game providers that are creating cinematic video slot games that have a storyline to follow. For instance, the game provider “Microgaming” targets the famous movie franchises to develop slot games and it uses 2D graphics for its reels. 

On the other hand, there are few game providers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Betsoft that make the reel for the video slot games depending on the theme of the game. If it requires 3D reels, these providers will avail you of the 3D technology and if the theme requires 2D then 2D it is.

Play Any Role You Desire

Well, now that you are aware of the graphics used in the Cinematic Video Slots and how they work. Here we present you a few games with amazing animated reels that are worth watching and playing.

1. Beauty and the Beast

Remember the bedtime story “Beauty and The Beast”. Our grannies used to tell us all the fairytale stories. Well, Yggdrasil has found out the perfect way to make you live the game and this time you will not only watch or listen to the game, rather you will be a character that will save the cursed prince. We are talking about the game “Beauty and The Beast” published by the famous game provider Yggdrasil.

The game carries unique features, free spins, and wilds that can be collected from the chef, butler, and the maid in the castle. You can use these collections to get yourself out of difficult situations and transform the beast back to the handsome prince.

2. A Christmas Carol

Have you ever read “A Christmas Carol ” the famous book by Charles Dickens? If yes then you will surely enjoy playing this video slot game. And if somehow you have missed reading the book, then as they say it’s never too late. You can go through the book now while playing this game by Betsoft

The storyline of this cinematic video slot game revolves around “Ebenezer Scrooge”. It tells us how the Christmas ghost helps Ebenezer in melting his icy heart. The game provides the user with the feature to time travel with the ghost and looks into the past and future of Scrooge. You can control Ebenezer and help him in making the right decisions to secure his future.  

3. Hotline

If you have a vacation, which part of the world would you like to travel to? For many of us, the perfect place to chill out is in Miami. What better place could you think of? 

What if I tell you that you can spend your leisure time in the 80s in Miami? Shocking!!! Well, here is the deal. NetEnt has come up with its storyline that is set up in Miami of the 80s. You can join Quinn and Rivera in a car chase behind Kitty wise who has stolen the jewels from the huge payouts. The game is perfect if you want more adrenaline rush in your body. The game by NetEnt also gives you a chance to win 60,000 coins.

Time to Go Story Hopping

It is truly said that reading a book and streaming any movie online can bring us to a different world. But, being a character in the movie or the storybook you are reading is more fascinating. This is what these Cinematic video slot games do, they make you a part of the story and you can witness every action in the movie while sitting at the comfort of your home. It will make you feel that you are living the story rather than just listening or watching it.

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It is a misconception that video slot reels only come for bedtime stories. Different providers come up with different themes. So, you can choose accordingly. Storytelling is something that can never end and the same is the case with these slot games. As the number of ideas increases, you will be having more reels to explore. 

Begin Your Story Now

Why should you play video slot games?

Playing the video slots lets you be a charter of the story that you always wanted to be. Not only can you be your desired character but, also you can have different presentations of the story depending upon your gameplay. The video slot reels also offer you to earn coins from the game’s pay line.

You can choose games of different themes and genres depending upon your interests. Dive deep into the cinematic version of these slot games and explore the world of your wildest imagination.

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