Top 5 Common Myths About Online Slot Games

February 15, 2023

The evolution of the internet has completely revolutionized the way of doing things. The evolution of the internet has also flourished the gambling industry. Earlier, gamblers had to move to a physical location to play casino games. However, today gamblers can play casino games from the comfort of their homes.

Maybe you know the fact that every gambler’s favorite game is situs slot gacor 2022. This slot game also gained tremendous popularity in the world of online gambling. However, online slots’ increasing popularity has also gained several myths and misconceptions.

Online Slot Games are Rigged

Most people have this misconception about online slot games that only the casino wins while playing on slot machines. However, this myth is not true, as these slot machines were programmed by the software and not by casino owners. 

These software companies use RNG (Random Number Generator) software. This RNG software ensures that a set of random symbols will always appear on the slot screen. Moreover, casinos can’t rig their slot machines because they also use RTP (Return to Player) percentage. 

The specific Time of Day is Luckier

Spinning the slot machines at a certain time of the day increases the odds of winning. However, this is not true, and it’s only a myth. Some gamblers think that they win more at night time. This is also not true, as slot machines produce random results at each time of the day. So, now after knowing this, you don’t have to wake up at night to play slot games.

Some Betting Patterns Increase the Odds of Winning

There’s a famous myth that betting according to some specific patterns triggers the winning of a jackpot. However, winning in slot machines entirely depends on luck, and there is no secret to winning. Some gamblers in the past time claimed that decreasing or increasing the bet amount can increase the winnings. However, there is no evidence to prove it right.

Auto Spinning Reduces the Chances of Winning

Using the auto-spinning feature in situs slot online machines rather than the manual spinning button reduces the odds of winning large payouts. But this is not true because the autospin feature allows players to play the games faster. Therefore, when you manually press the spin button or pull the lever, you are spending extra seconds spinning.

Using Loyalty Card in a Slot Machine Reduces the Chances of Winning

There’s a myth in the minds of gamblers that online casinos don’t let players win by playing free spins and other loyalty bonuses. But this is wrong because online casinos can’t do this if they want to. This is because online casinos can’t change the RNG programming just for the players who are playing from a loyalty bonus.


Playing slot games will be much more fun and exciting without lifting the weight of all these false myths. If players know the myths and misconceptions about online slots, they can mentally prepare themselves to play the games. This mental preparation will be very useful for players to be prospective while gambling online.

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