5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Home Gym

September 11, 2023

There is a global trend for physical fitness, you can’t help but notice the many gyms that are popping up all over Bangkok, which is a reflection of that trend. You have probably got a gym subscription in one of the many Bangkok gyms and while that is fine, the majority of Bangkokians do just that, here are a few great reasons to acquire fitness equipment and build a home gym.

  1. Save money – With the current cost of gym membership, it won’t take you long to recoup your investment when you purchase อุปกรณ์ฟิตเนส fitness equipment from the best fitness equipment supplier in Thailand. If you are a meticulous person, cost a home gym and start recording your gym costs (plus transport); a single month can be multiplied by 12 for the annual cost, then see how long it will take to save the cost of the equipment. If you want to learn more about the products, their website has prices and full specs and with free installation, you won’t have to do anything except work out.
  2. Save precious time – Let’s say for argument’s sake that your gym is 15 minutes drive away, that’s 30 minutes per visit and if you work out 3 times a week, that is one and a half hours every week and over one year, you would have saved 78 hours, that is time spent doing productive things, not sitting in a car! Time is not retrievable, of course, so we should value every moment and the sooner you install your home gym, the quicker you can reclaim travel time.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint – Not having to travel to and from the gym is going to help the planet and you’re not the only person who works out at home. Even if you travel on Sky Train or BTS, you are still using energy, so be a leading example and install a gym at home. Start with a Google search to find Thailand’s leading fitness equipment supplier, browse their product list, and place your order. OF course, it is unrealistic, but if everyone had a home gym, carbon emissions would be greatly reduced. Click here for tips on recovering from a personal injury.
  4. Never miss a session – There are many reasons why you might have to miss a gym visit, the weather, traffic, the absence of the instructor, the list is long, yet with your own gym equipment at home, you will never have to miss a workout again! Of course, you will enjoy your rest days, which are every bit as important as the workouts, and there is no excuse for missing your session when you have a home gym.
  5. Maintain a high level of fitness – If you never miss another workout, your fitness goals will be smashed and that has to be good news. Once you have all the equipment you need, you can develop your routine, upping the weight and increasing the reps on a gradual basis. That six-pack won’t take long to develop when you have a weight room at home.

We all need to take our physical fitness seriously and for the best possible outcomes, invest in gym equipment and create your own fitness room. The equipment supplier has an in-house gym designer to help you plan the layout; the spare room is ideal, with a couple of rubber mats, one wall covered with mirror tiles, your fitness equipment, a few MMA and boxing posters and you’re ready to roll!

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