14 Things You Should Know Before Moving to San Diego

Are you planning to move to California’s southernmost city? San Diego, located at a short distance from Mexico, has a lot to offer visitors and those who are fortunate enough to remain for an extended period. Here are 14 things you should know before coming to San Diego, ranging from cultural events to the city’s top sectors.

1. Business Hotspot

San Diego is an appealing destination for graduates with big ideas and the passion to make them a reality, thanks to investment from the healthcare, biotechnology, and technology industries. A daily outcome of all this technological support is the city’s 250 acres of free wi-fi facility. The city has strong colleges to keep this growth on track, and it shows: the average age of people in San Diego is just 32.

2. Living Expenses

On the other hand, San Diego may be an expensive place to live. So you can consider rooms on rent in San Diego. While not as costly as a rival tech powerhouse, San Francisco, transportation, utilities, food, and housing are all more than the national average. Houses for rent in San Diego are on the smaller side since square footage is so pricey. On the plus side, people are spending a lot more time outside. 

3. The Weather

If you’re relocating to San Diego, keep your belongings to a minimum. Leave your jackets, boots, and woolens at home. You’ll be okay with the casual summer vibe. Thanks to the year-round weather and low humidity that keeps everyone crowded on the beaches all year.

4. Use Water Wisely

California is prone to drought, which may be difficult for tourists from lusher, greener regions of the world to adjust to. Make easy modifications to reduce your water use, for e.g. turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, not leaving the water running when cleaning up, and setting a timer to keep your showers short—around five minutes is enough!

5. Prefer Public Transportation

Driving in San Diego may be a headache because most residents own cars. So, stick to the slow lane and prepare ahead of time to avoid rush hour. The city’s Metropolitan Transit System, on the contrary, comprises trolleys, light rail, and bus services to keep you moving. To ride, get a San Diego’s transit smart card, compass card, or utilize mobile ticketing using their app.

6. User Friendly

San Diego is a well-planned city with a grid structure, making it easy to explore by bike, foot, or automobile. Roads are numbered from north to south. From east to west, streets are called alphabetically after trees, and then simply after letters.

7. Big Relaxed City

In terms of population, San Diego is California’s second-largest city, after Los Angeles. It does, however, exude a friendly air. In addition, the city is reasonably safe, having lower crime rates than in many other large US cities.

8. Feel the Earth Tremble

As San Diego is located near several faults, earthquakes are conceivable, thus it’s a good idea to be prepared. The most critical piece of advice is to be alert yet cool. Otherwise, utilize the Drop-Cover-Hold technique: drop to the ground, cover yourself with a table, and hold onto the table leg. Local governments are more than willing to provide more guidance to those who take rooms for rent in San Diego.

10. Hola Mexico

San Diego is only 25 km from the Mexican border, therefore the city is brimming with high-quality Mexican cuisine. It also implies that, depending on where you want to go next, Tijuana maybe your nearest long-stay international airport. You may travel directly from TIJ to Beijing and Shanghai!

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11. Raise Your Spirits

This seaside town’s residents are quite enthusiastic about their events and festivals, so get into the mood as well! San Diego puts up its greatest display for Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween, and the Comic-Con event throughout the year. Are you unable to attend a significant event? There will undoubtedly be dancing on the beach, a massive trade fair, outdoor movies, summer clam bakes, BBQ chicken, and sunset jazz activities.

12. Taxes in California

Unfortunately, California is not a tax-friendly state. When you live in rooms for rent in San Diego, you’ll pay the highest taxes in the country. Their base sales tax rate is 7.25%, on top of a 13.3% marginal income tax rate. In their respective tax categories, both are among the highest in the country. When it comes to property taxes, there is some good news. California’s overall property taxes are lower than the national average, at.73% vs 1.07% nationally.

13. Recreation Department of the City of San Diego

Along with beautiful beaches, San Diego features fantastic parks and hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. Begin in Balboa Park, where you may visit the museums, local zoo, trekking, and walking paths.

Mission Bay is well-known for its dog parks, watersports, and the nearby Sea World amusement. You may get your marine fix and go out on the sea on the same day.

Kate Sessions Park is the greatest park in San Diego for stunning vistas and a picture-perfect site to watch sunsets. Hike to Sunset Cliffs, a famous nature park in Point Loma known for serene sunsets and walking pathways that allow you to take in the scenery.

14. San Diego’s Universities

San Diego is a beautiful college town with outstanding higher education options. The University of California, San Diego, is located in La Jolla. It is well-known for its programs in mathematics, biology, economics, and international studies. San Diego State University is well-known for its LGBTQ+ student support, veteran’s programs, and powerful Division I athletics department. You’re never far from a bar, a beach, or a distinctive attraction no matter where you take a house for rent in San Diego.

San Diego has it all! Wonderful cuisine, beautiful beaches, exciting places to drink, incredible activities, terrific career prospects, and a varied local populace. If you want to live in a less stressful atmosphere during or after COVID-19, a house for rent in San Diego is the best choice to make.

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