How much does it Cost to Remove Wild Animals?

February 8, 2022

There are various ways to deal with nuisance pests when they invade your home. However, with wild animals, the approach in many cases is different, as we strive to preserve the earth’s ecosystems. You can opt for the wildlife control removal, exclusion, or extermination method. Extermination involves killing the animals using poisons, toxins, and traps. Though relatively inexpensive and more effective, these chemicals can be detrimental to pests, humans, and other wildlife that are not a nuisance.

Wildlife control involves the selective removal of certain wildlife species, mainly using professional trappers to catch and move the animals to safer places away from humans. This approach takes longer than extermination and is more expensive. However, many experts believe it is one of the best approaches. 

Wildlife exclusion involves establishing preventive measures, including covering up entry points and habitat modification, ensuring no access to unwanted wildlife in your structures and property. 

Wildlife removal Dallas has helped businesses and individuals humanely and safely remove wildlife since 2000. Depending on the species you encounter, we combine extermination, exclusion, and wildlife control to get rid of them. Our trained professionals utilize a signature wildlife inspection approach that identifies all animals’ entry points and seals them completely. 

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Cost of Wildlife Removal

Often the removal cost differs depending on your area, the kind of infestation, and the extent of damage caused to your business or home. Let’s have a look at some of the wildlife animals and their removal costs:

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons eat anything they find, including pet food and trash. They’re intelligent animals that will try all means possible to break into your home to nest and create damage. They mainly attack areas around the attic, crawl space, garage, walls, and fireplace. Their infestation can be pretty detrimental to your health as they drop excrements as they move around. These droppings may carry diseases that will infect your business or home, causing severe illnesses. 

The average cost of Raccoon removal is 350 to 600 US dollars. Professionals utilize the real-time capturing approach that sometimes requires lots of attention. 

Skunk Removal 

Skunks are some of the most nuisance creatures due to their spraying habit, which causes extreme odor.  Mostly, they hide beneath building structures and under decks and porches’ crawl spaces. The smell produced by skunks’ spray can take several weeks to clear, making your place challenging to thrive. They can bring about rabies to your pets if they bite them. 

Skank removal requires approximately 300 to 600 US dollars with an extremely advised professional. Capturing skunks is quite risky as they will undoubtedly spray you. Some of the techniques used to remove skunks include:

  • Blocking all openings around your house
  • Flouring the area around the opening
  • Waiting until the skunks leave for the day (you’ll see tracks in the flour)
  • Blocking the last opening

Mice and Rats Removal

Mice and rats are known to breed pretty fast. They pose a danger to your home as they chew on wires, causing damage that can lead to fire hazards. Also, their unhygienic nature can cause severe diseases, including Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis.

The average cost of removing these rodents is $150 to $ 450, depending on the problem size. Unlike other wildlife removal approaches, rats and mice are removed by using poisonous substances and traps.

Bat Removal

Bats form colonies around your home or business exterior to nest and often fly in and around, which can be disruptive to your visitors or customers. They’re also a health hazard since their droppings can contaminate your home’s insulation. 

Professional bat removal services will cost you 200 to 550 US dollars. The charges are usually inclusive of guano cleanup and sealing all the access points.  

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a huge nuisance due to scratching, chewing, and producing pattering sounds. They can access your home through utility lines or overhanging branches on the side of your home. They chew your vent holes, rooflines, eaves, and your yard trees, making the place unattractive. Squirrels leave behind droppings leading to intense damage since their waste can collect insulation with time, causing a horrible stench. They’re also detrimental to your health as they carry many diseases. 

Getting rid of squirrels can cost you 200 to 600 US dollars though severe invasions can cost you up to 1500 US dollars. This includes live trapping since using toxins is not the best approach. Removing squirrels as fast as they start invading is crucial to maintaining minimum repair costs due to their damage impact.

Wildlife removal requires specialized skills. It’s more expensive to ignore the wildlife invasion problem or hire an inexperienced company. You also need inspection services to identify the replacement, repair, and preventive techniques you’ll require after removal to protect your home from another attack.

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