Best Counting Scale Machine for Multiple Uses

January 11, 2023

Counting scales are a very useful product for companies that have to keep a count of the little things such as nuts, bolts, etc. They are used in centers of quality control, retail warehouses, factory environments, etc. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and structures to fit the environment of the place it is being used in. You can have a tabletop counting scale machine or the ones that can be easily put on the floor and used. 

These days the counting scale machines are digitized, wherein the number of pieces in the sample put is displayed digitally. The machine uses a sample size method to count the number of pieces in your sample, wherein you put the weight of one piece and the total weight of the sample. The machine will divide the total weight by the given sample weight. In this article, we will read about the best and Reliable Scales for multiple uses. 

Counting Scale PCE-PCS 6

The counting scale PCE-PCS 6 has an in-built part and piece counting function along with balanced weighing. This counting scale is ideally suggested to be used in laboratories, offices, inventories, etc. These can be operated either by a battery or through electricity. 

The data from the counting scale can easily be transferred using the RS-232 port on the machine. It has a weighing range from 0.1g to 6000g, whereas the readability is 0.1g. Additionally, the product also has a warranty of 2 years, so the users can get it repaired if there occurs any problem. 

The best measuring devices display accuracy to the highest levels. You need accuracy, especially when you are looking to work with chemicals that are highly reactive. A slight error can compromise the intended results, or even lead to widespread accidents. It is best to check out the manufacturing company and opt for a measuring device that is as accurate as possible. 

Bench Scale BBA238-8A3R/S

The Bench scale BBa238-8A3R/S is an IP66and IP67 rated scale that is easy to operate and has an effortless setup. The setup does not require much training but simple operator training is enough to get going with this scale. It has a maximum capacity of 3000g and a readability of 0.5 grams. 

The platform size is 240mm*300mm*97mm made from stainless steel. The data can be transferred using the USB port and used in wet environments because it is a hermetically sealed load cell. It comes with a rechargeable battery which runs up to 80 hours. 

PCE-PCS 30-ICA Counting Scale Machine. 

PCE-PCS 30-ICA also has an ISO calibration certificate making these most desired and performance-friendly counting scale machines. They are small in size and are ideal for use in laboratories, offices, inventories, and other places. It has an in-built RS 232 port which assists in data printing and transferring. 

It can be used with batteries or also electrically charged with the use of a given cable. The specification includes a weight range from 0.5r to 30000g (30kg), whereas the readability stays at 0.5g. The measuring units are grams and kilograms, which are displayed on the LCD. 

The users are provided with 2 years of warranty, with the product being ISO calibration certified. It is one of the best counting scale machines available because the weight range is high and can be sued in factories and warehouses where the counting work is abundant. 


Counting scale machines are advanced machines to simplify the job at factories, laboratories, and warehouses where the counting is necessary for smaller pieces such as nuts, bolts, hinges, etc. It is difficult to keep counting and takes a lot of time; however, with these counting scale machines, you will be better able to utilize your time and improve your business. 

The products mentioned above are a few of the many varieties available in the market. It is recommended to explore the different products before buying and always o a sample test before buying by putting in the minimum and the maximum weight that you will be testing. 

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