Small Kitchens: Design Considerations to Think About

February 14, 2023

In our homes, the kitchen is the epicenter. This is where family members gather and chit-chat. Also, guests often notice all things and designs of the kitchen. Modern-day kitchens are becoming more efficient and smaller. Due to space constraints, it is essential to fit more stuff in a small area. So, let us look at the top five considerations related to small kitchens that are essential for every house. 

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Even though homes are becoming small, it is essential to have enough space in the kitchen to cook and walk comfortably. You should at least keep four feet of space for walkways. It doesn’t matter if you make your kitchen look elegant and purchase all kinds of luxurious appliances and utensils; still, there is too little space. You will notice the importance of enough space if you are having a small party or gathering. In those scenarios, you will bump into others if space is less. 

Kitchen Island

Whether yours is a Kitchen small or large, the kitchen island is essential. It has become the main point in many houses to do activities such as dishwashing, placing sinks, secondary refrigerators, countertops for preparing food, serving tables, etc. This is where family members and guests can sit and interact with each other while having a quick snack or breakfast. While designing the kitchen island, ensure enough room for at least four seats. You can use the kitchen island as storage also; you can store things on both sides of the kitchen island. 

Location and Size

The size and location of the kitchen should be a primary consideration for every house. The size should be enough for multiple people to move comfortably. It also should have enough space to keep all appliances and amenities. Some of the important considerations are;

  • Food storage
  • Morning breakfast and coffee
  • Meal prep
  • Eating counter
  • Location of appliances
  • Meal cleanup
  • Loading groceries from your garage
  • Small appliances usage & storage
  • Entertaining
  • General cleaning supplies

Some of these amenities you can alter as per your requirements. Depending on the number of people using the kitchen and several other factors decide the size and location of the kitchen. 

Focal Point

Whether your house style is traditional, minimalist, farmhouse, modern, or any other doesn’t matter. Every kitchen must have a focal point. This focal point can be a dramatic range & hood, fancy sink, or elegant-looking mural/ backsplash. A solid and attractive focal point is necessary to give a premium look to your kitchen small.


If you are looking for kitchen remodeling or designing, you may have heard the term work triangle. It includes a sink, Owen, and refrigerator. You must also plan for everyday items such as a toaster, charging station, coffee maker, etc. Daily using things should be placed where you can conveniently perform all tasks. But you can easily repurpose this area as a beverage station if necessary. Enough cabinets to store groceries and other kitchen items are required. You can even plan a kitchen near the garage to shop and quickly move groceries to the designated places.

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