8 Different Types of Office Space

November 29, 2022

The office has proven to be a place where many people spend most of their day aside from their homes. 

There are several types of office spaces to consider while planning the layout of your office. In this article, we will be going through 8 different types of office space and at the end, you’d be able to select the one that suits you best. 

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Traditional Office Space

The traditional office space is most efficient for monetary and economic businesses such as banks and law firms. It has a distinctive layout which makes every employee enjoy the feeling of tranquility and serenity. It consists of a reception, conference room, and several private offices which encourage full concentration on the part of employees. 

Creative Office Space

This layout encourages and promotes partnership and cooperation amongst employees. This style is adopted by a lot of startup agencies and advert companies and agencies that require all hands on deck for their goals to be accomplished. This office space comprises some transparent barriers, wooden bases, broad windows, and a few walls.

Contiguous Office Space

This type of office space contains numerous offices on the same floor in a particular building. It is majorly used by big companies that need many offices to get their work rate flowing. These offices enable big companies to have enough space to occupy all their departmental units.

Coworking Space

This style of office layout is mainly used by small businesses that are just kick-starting their projects. This office can be occupied with as many desks as needed to help a lot of upcoming businesses run smoothly. The office is cost-effective as the equipment used is shared among workers. This office style enhances cooperation and teamwork. 

Executive Suites

Executive suites are offices completely loaded with all equipment needed in an official setting. Internet services and other necessities are readily available in this type of office. Small companies shouldn’t make use of this style of office as it is expensive. 

Shared Office Space

A shared space office is brought about by an agreement between a company to lease an Additional section of its office to another company. Both companies tend to benefit from this agreement and networking between the two companies is enhanced. 

Cellular Office Space

A Cellular Office space is a type of layout situated on a large floor. The floor is split into personal cubicles for several workers. Workers tend to enjoy their individual space in this type of setting, as windows are used to demarcate the floor. This office enhances cooperation and smooth systematic workflow. 

Open Office Space

This style helps workers to communicate without hassle. The workspace is a public space, it is not zoned into territories. The open office promotes collaboration and enhances interpersonal relationships between workers which in turn helps everyone in the company to stay oriented, helps to pass information rapidly, and also helps the company to achieve its goals within a specific timeframe.

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