Digital Tools That Can Help Your Finances

By Joseph
November 7, 2022

There’s no need to manage your money the old-fashioned way. Take advantage of the incredible digital tools out there and get your finances in top shape. 

What digital tools can you try?

Budgeting Apps

Have you always struggled to stick to a budget? Maybe you have been using the wrong budgeting method. Budgeting apps are excellent digital tools that can help you craft personal and household budgets and stick to their financial guidelines. 

Most budgeting apps can sync to your various bank and credit accounts, giving you in-time updates on your financial actions. You’ll have updates on everything from your credit card charges to your checking account deposits. All of that relevant information will be streamlined in one neat location. It will simplify your money management for you.

What else can a budgeting app help you with?

  • Tracking your monthly expenses
  • Building savings for emergencies
  • Building savings for future goals like retirement, going to college, and buying a house
  • Paying down outstanding debts
  • Discovering bad financial habits and spending patterns

Subscription Tracking Apps

How many subscription services are you paying for? The answer is probably “too many.” 

Signing up for too many streaming subscriptions is a common problem for everyday Americans. There’s Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Apple TV, and more. You could be spending over $100 per month on streaming alone.

This doesn’t even cover other subscriptions and memberships that you’ve signed up for. You have subscriptions for audiobooks, music, magazines, newspapers, fitness classes, smartphone apps, and more. Over the years, your number of subscriptions has ballooned — and so has your credit card balance. 

To get control over your long list of subscriptions, you should download an app like Trim or Rocket Money (formerly known as Truebill). These apps will track your subscriptions so that you can see just how many you’re paying for. They can also help you lower your subscription costs and cancel any accounts that you no longer want. All of those savings will go right back into your wallet.

Online Loans 

Are you dealing with an emergency expense, and you don’t have enough savings sitting in your emergency fund to cover it? Then, you might need to apply for an online loan. With an approved online loan, you can access borrowed funds quickly and then use them to recover from the emergency. Afterward, you can tackle the billing cycle.

Check for a provider that has online loans accessible to your home state. For instance, if you live in Oklahoma, you can look for online loans in Oklahoma through CreditFresh to handle your emergency. Not every online loan out there will be available in Oklahoma. So, you will want to double-check the options the provider is offering. You wouldn’t want to waste your time filling out an application for a loan you can’t even access based on your location.

Online loans should be used for emergencies only. They shouldn’t be seen as options for covering everyday expenses, like your groceries or your bills. This digital service is supposed to help you get through difficult situations.

Take advantage of these incredible digital tools and get your finances in better shape.

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