The Dos and Don’ts of Parking Lot Car Accidents

February 8, 2022

Car accident in parking lot problems? Please, stop and take a deep breath. You’re going to get through this, and we’re going to help.

Below you’ll find the proper procedures to follow should you find yourself in a parking garage or parking lot accident. You’ll also discover what headaches you can absolutely avoid. When you’re ready to discover the do’s and don’t of parking lot accidents for yourself, read on.

Parking Lot Accident DO’s

Do track down the owner of the car you hit. If you can’t track down the owner after a serious search, leave a note on the automobile in question. It should include your personal details:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • License Plate Number
  • Car insurance information
  • Brief description of what occurred

Do call the police. Does that mean they’ll show up at the crash site? The answer is maybe.

If you land yourself in an accident during the busiest time of the day or a holiday, it might not warrant a visit from a squad car. Police must prioritize the crimes they visit. If they’re faced with a life-threatening incident or a minor traffic accident, you can guess which they’ll visit first.

Do seek medical attention should you need it. Your injuries might be more severe than you initially think.

Do call 911 if you hit a pedestrian. Did you know that an estimated 500 pedestrian crash fatalities occur each year in parking lots and garages? An additional 137,000 pedestrians will be treated for nonfatal crash-related injuries.

Do contact your insurance agent and lawyer. Your agent will help guide you through the steps necessary to avoid further charges. She will also contact the other driver’s insurance agency to determine who is at fault in car accident parking lot cases.

Your lawyer may have additional legal guidance. As the folks over at Sweet Lawyers, some auto accident lawyers will be able to handle questions that your insurance company can’t. Examples include things like who’s legally responsible and why.

Parking Lot Accident DON’Ts

Don’t leave the scent of the accident. It doesn’t matter how small the incident. If you leave the crime scene without reporting the accident, you may be charged with hit-and-run charges.

Don’t leave without recording evidence. If you have a smartphone, snap dozens of pictures of the accident, both close-up and panoramic view. If you don’t have a camera, see if you can borrow one or wait for the police to write up a report.

That’s especially true of car accidents in private parking lot cases. Employees are more likely to clean private lots, removing evidence. That makes it more difficult for police to write up incident reports should you later find it necessary.

After Your Car Accident in Parking Lot

The solution to your car accident in parking lot problems is simple. It starts by reviewing the sections above, then taking action. Take photos, find the other driver, and call your agent, attorney, and local police department.

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