Easy Inner Child Mindfulness Script for Inner Child Guided Meditation

By Alex
March 23, 2023

Some, if not all, have childhood wounds that have remained with us to this day. We can see that there are some things we think about, perceive, and do that we don’t intend to do, whether they’re minor or distressing. Some, if not all, have childhood wounds that have remained with us to this day. Likewise, we can see that there are some things we think about, perceive, and do that we don’t intend to do, whether they’re minor or distressing. Instead, they occur unknowingly due to traumatic memories from the past.

Even if you think this is true, you may believe there is nothing you can do because no one can change the past.

Although we cannot change the past, the best part is that we can respond to it in new and different ways when it appears in the moment. As a result, we have the opportunity to be with the past in ways we could never have been as kids to recover–as the past emerges into the present.

Reparenting is an excellent way to comprehend inner child work. When you were a kid, you got into the habit of reacting to yourself in ways that others didn’t. You can always choose to be defensive, affectionate, and compassionate where your despair or frustration may have been met with rejection or abandonment in the past. You might use your adult mind’s ability to create a healing relationship between your inner parent and inner child. 

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This inner child-guided meditation from Mindfulness Exercises is a perfect way to start. It will teach you ways to give a response to your inner child when they are agitated, and you can’t “speak them out of it,” as a good parent might do with an unruly child:

  • Offer them your complete and undivided attention.
  • Seek clarification and pay attention to what’s going on. Patience is necessary. Please don’t make an adult decision based on what they’ve said.
  • Confirm the information they’ve given you.
  • Tell them how much you love them no matter what they say. Good parents recognize that words alone are insufficient. The child must be aware of your love for them.
  • When a child sees you doing all of these things, they will feel better, more cared for, and more likely to safely express their dissatisfaction.

This meditation can be used at any time to practice inner reparenting. Begin by visualizing yourself as a younger version of yourself, using all of your senses to bring the image to life. Then, following the meditation’s instructions, begin paying attention to whatever they’re trying to tell you through words, opinions, or thoughts and feelings.

This guided child self-meditation develops this secure, delicate, and compassionate environment. However, if you require additional assistance in dealing with traumatic experiences or memories, make an informed decision. In addition to this, you may also explore several guided meditations online to cultivate self-forgiveness and let go of guilt and remorse whenever you feel like ruminating on the past.

Mindfulness Script for Healing Your Inner Self

It’s more important to feel safe and secure in this meditation practice than to feel alert. So, with blankets and pillows nearby, take a moment to get physically comfortable sitting or relaxing.

Switch off any devices that create a buzzing noise or beeping to practice in peace.

Take five slow, deep breathing exercises, allowing each out-breath to relax slightly.

Allow your mind to wander to a current source of discomfort or difficulty. Allow your feelings and thoughts to arise naturally in response to the situation. Take your time and remember to breathe deeply.

Start by scanning your body for areas where this old upset is present, such as tension in your stomach or jaw.

It’s okay if the upset gets worse while you’re doing this. For a moment, focus your attention on your breathing. You are not required to do anything; listen as empathically as possible. Emotions and physical sensations may be your inner child’s sole language. As a result, do your utmost to listen with all of your senses while remaining grounded in your secure and resilient adult self. Return to your breath if you become agitated, and then use your senses to reconnect with the present situation.

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Final Thoughts

The idea that inner child work is childish is one of the most popular misconceptions. Indeed, by recognizing that you already act in childish ways due to an unhealed past, you are acting like an actual adult.

Working with your inner child will improve your ability to pay attention and deal with complicated feelings. It has the potential to heal you and transform you into an empathetic, compassionate supporter of your dear ones.

This type of inner child meditation isn’t a quick fix. It is, however, a tried-and-true method for forming a new inner connection, one that will bring you more harmony, awareness, and contentment every time you use it.

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