Ecommerce Video Production: Boosting Online Sales with High-Quality Product Videos

April 28, 2023

Video has emerged at the forefront of inbound marketing. In particular, videos used in the context of e-commerce have become increasingly important in the quest to move target customers through the sales funnel. 

Ready to create high-quality product videos with polished production to catalyze sales? Here’s how to do it.

Why Top E-commerce Companies Use Video

As time progresses, more leading companies use high-quality e-commerce video production to engage target audiences. In particular, e-tailers such as Amazon are becoming increasingly reliant on product videos to demonstrate the merits of items people and businesses use.  

Video succeeds in boosting revenue for several reasons. First, product videos demonstrate how products provide utility, helping customers understand how the product actually works. These educational videos are easier to absorb than lengthy strings of text. A customer who watches a brief video demonstrating product functionality is much more likely to convert a target into a paying customer.  

Prospective customers are more confident in making a purchase after viewing a product demonstration in a short video. Ideally, the product video will be 30 to 45 seconds or less to accommodate shrinking attention spans. 

Mobile Users Lean Toward Video Content

Reading walls of text is difficult when using smartphones and other mobile devices connected to the internet. Thanks to product videos, you don’t have to now. 

Clicking “play” on a product video while using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop makes it easy to learn more about products without scrolling through lines of text on a diminutive screen. In particular, younger audiences are especially inclined to favor video content as this age cohort gravitates toward mobile devices and videos. 

Product Videos Promote Clickability and Shareability

Video content is most effective when it convinces users to interact with it. Product videos that are clickable and shareable can drive visits to your website, especially on social media.  Plus, making product videos shareable encourages members of your audience to share those videos with friends, family, coworkers, and others in their circle.

As an example, video content posted to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and others social platforms can generate more views than conventional content.

Search Engines Favor Video Content

Many people often think search engines favor text, but search engines are becoming increasingly biased toward video content. This is large because Google is aware that web users are becoming partial to video as opposed to written content.  

As an example, Google now prioritizes videos, including those with thumbnails. To highlight them, they present them adjacent to some search results, ultimately promoting websites with video content. In the end, the use of product videos really does increase the chances of content ranking better.

Video Content is Engrossing

Take a moment to think about the last product video you watched.  Reflect on the product video and consider how you felt while watching it and also after that viewing experience. Did it make you more interested in the product? Did you learn more about how the product can be incorporated into your own life? 

Effective video content captivates viewers—and can remain with them for long periods of time. With highly polished videos featuring the product, you’ll successfully engage your target audience and reach more potential customers. 

End Every Product Video with a CTA

There is no sense in going all out in creating a visually striking product video if that video does not compel viewers to take action. 

Use the final segment of the video to communicate the action you would like your audience to take. Your call-to-action should prompt the audience to visit your homepage or a specific product page, reach out to your business by phone or through a contact form and explore your online inventory for additional products.  

In short, hand-holding your target customers is mutually beneficial to both parties. Make your intentions for conversion perfectly clear and you’ll reap the rewards. 

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