How to Find a Qualified Industrial Electrician?

December 5, 2022

All professional electricians possess the basic knowledge of installing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and rewiring electrical equipment. However, industrial electricians require special experience and knowledge compared to residential environments for efficiency and safety reasons. Industrial facilities and institutions comprise high-powered, specialized, complex, and expensive machinery and equipment. For instance, these facilities can be robotics, cars, food processing, and even electrical manufacturing and production plants with expensive high-voltage systems. Because of these reasons, even the smallest error can trigger major inconveniences and cause expensive disruptions on the core level. Hence when hiring a qualified industrial electrical contractor, there are some basic things you need to check. This article can guide you to find your fit so that you can count on him to get things back up and running efficiently, quickly, and safely.

Qualities of An Industrial Electrician You Should Check For:

Check for Relevant Training and Experience

Industrial electricians’ work is both complex and unique, which makes it so important to work with an experienced and commercially trained professional. Hence you should always check for their knowledge, years of field experience, and training experience before hiring them. Always go for someone who has worked previously in industrial facilities with highly complex systems. From equipment controls and programming to motor controls and other maintenance requirements, he should be fluent in his job. This way you will have peace of mind knowing that you will get efficient and reliable results.

Ensure Appropriate Insurance and Licenses

Just like other types of electricians, industrial electricians should be fully licensed and insured before getting hired. They should provide you with their licensing and insurance information without hesitation when you interview them. Always check whether their credentials are up to date or not on all the latest code requirements. This way you will not suffer from probable lawsuits if someone gets injured while on the job or you won’t have to cover any damages if things don’t go as planned. Moreover, if the electrician does not complete the job you will also receive coverage in certain scenarios. Also if the industrial electrician is a member of a team, you should always check whether he is on the payroll or not.

Ask for Recommendations in Your Network

You can always ask around for verified recommendations in your commercial circle as chances are you will know someone who has employed an industrial electrician in the past. You can list down the names of electrical contractors that they had first-hand experience with. Also while looking for recommendations clarify the scope of your project and ask for an honest opinion about the quality of the electrician’s job. There are also electrical supply and hardware stores that maintain a list of qualified industrial electricians. While checking for references, you can also check online as you will have a fair idea about what to expect from them. From finding out what the electrical contractor has done in the past, you can also draw a fair idea about his style of work, ethics, and overall job satisfaction. Look for customer testimonials, online portfolios, and any other information that helps you in your buying decision.

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State Certifications

The certification and credential requirements vary from state to state and some states require specific certifications of an industrial electrician. You should check whether their state licenses are valid and active before hiring them. For example, every industrial electrician in Washington should have a valid electrician certificate that is issued by the Department of Labor & Industries.

Good Communication and Teamwork Skills

Industrial electrical projects involve different professionals working together towards a common goal, unlike residential electrical work. Hence you should always look for an industrial electrician that communicates clearly and responds quickly. Chances are, you would need to take care of such electrical problems promptly to avoid distractions in the operation. Moreover, always go for an electrician who will go out of his way to make you feel like a priority. So, assess his teamwork and communication skills during the interview process to check whether he is the right fit for your business.

The skills and experience of industrial electricians are used in a wide variety of complex environments. Hence the work of an industrial electrician is different from that of a residential or commercial one, even though the fundamental concepts of electrical mechanism and equipment are the same. It takes years of expertise, extensive training, relevant qualifications, and certificates along with advanced knowledge to handle the job of an industrial electrician. It is a physically and mentally demanding job that requires squeezing into uncomfortable spaces, using highly complex tools, lifting heavy objects, standing for long hours, and the quality of spontaneity. From warehouses and high-rise complexes to busy commercial buildings and industrial factories, you should always check for the above pointers before hiring an industrial electrician.

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