Where to Find the Best Cocktails in Vancouver

November 8, 2022

Vancouver is a fantastic location for a variety of reasons. The city has great weather, plenty of activities, and a thriving economy. On top of all this, Vancouver has a slew of great cocktail locations, allowing you to have a fantastic night out. If you know the right places to look, you are able to find some truly amazing cocktails in Vancouver. So if you just closed on one of the Vancouver homes for sale, where can you look for a great cocktail? Let’s take a look at the best cocktails in Vancouver.

Keefer Bar

Keefer Bar is considered one of the best bars in Canada, let alone the city of Vancouver. The location has frequently been voted “Canada’s second best bar”, so you know the location has got to be good. One of the biggest positives of the establishment is the location’s amazing cocktails. Since the bar’s location is in Chinatown, many of the cocktails are themed around traditional Chinese medicine. The great theme combined with unique cocktails means you’re sure to have an amazing time when you visit. 

The Diamond

Located in the heart of Gastown, The Diamond is an old-school cocktail bar that is sure to please.  The location offers contemporary classics and curated share plates, making it a great place to hang out with friends or host a happy hour. When it comes to cocktails, The Diamond has a slew of great options on the menu. Drinks the Tiger’s Breath and Tommy’s Margarita are perfect for tequila drinkers, while vodka lovers will adore the Red Sky at Night. If you want a classic atmosphere with good food and better drinks, The Diamond is the place to go. 

La Mezcaleria

La Mezcaleria isn’t just known for its amazing cocktails, they also are one of the best taco spots in Vancouver as well. The combination of great food and drink makes this an absolute must-visit location. Cocktails like Lucia’s Garden and Mezcal Negroni offer some amazing flavors you can try. You can also decide to go with classic orders as well, ordering a delicious margarita. No matter what you decide to go with at La Mezcaleria, chances are you won’t be disappointed. 


Chickadee is relatively new to the Vancouver scene, only opening its doors in 2020. Although the location experienced immediate challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly emerged as one of the top cocktail locations in the city. One of the biggest draws of the establishment is the ability to build your own cocktail, allowing you to tailor your cocktail to your tastes. Additionally, Chickadee has a slew of other lauded cocktail options such as Final Fantasy, Night Moves, and Professor X. If you want to visit a vibrant new cocktail location, this is one of the best places to go.

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