Best Firewalls for Small Businesses 2023

January 20, 2023

Cybercriminals are always in search of small businesses to target their financial records, steal their data, and may disrupt their important operations. Firewalls are as important for your system as installing cameras and locks to your store to protect it from invaders. Many large and small businesses use hardware and software firewalls to protect their data from malware and hackers. No doubt that cyber criminals love attacking small businesses, just because they are quite easy to hack. If you are running a small business or you have just decided to start up a new business, this blog is going to help you incredibly so far. 

No one else but you have the right to enjoy your personal information. So here, we are recommending the top 5 Best Firewalls for Small Businesses to protect themselves from cruel cyber-attacks with some IT services.

Cisco ASA – Overall Best IT Services for Small Businesses 

Cisco deserves a top ranking in this blog. Let me tell you why. 

Cisco ASA firewalls come along with almost everything a business requires to keep its claim system safe. Having Cisco ASA hardware means, you are getting the best firewall for your entire business network, along with software to safeguard each device running in your business space. The Cisco ASA firewall adds numerous checkpoints to your network security, ensuring that your systems are fully protected. It is not just a reliable product, it is a pure security device that combines VPN, antivirus, and interruption prevention routers for enterprises with various locations. However, some users claim that the cisco management interface has complex navigation methods. And, to be very honest, this solution is excessive for small businesses as they have just a few systems to secure from hackers.  

Fortinet FortiGate – Most Versatile and Best Budget Firewall

Fortinet’s firewall hardware works more than perfect to fill in all the voids in cybersecurity structures. It creates a strong barrier between your business and untrusted websites. These security chips provide high-speed network management while allowing your business to accelerate without compromising on security. The Fortinet is a small to medium-sized enterprise firewall that offers complete protection even against messages and links that do not meet its defined protection criteria. The device is easy to set up and employs cloud management to make administration more convenient. It easily connects with your system router and provides security to all the computers connected to the network.  

Sophos XG Firewall – Faster Tools and Reliable IT Support Services 

Sophos is another level security software choice for small businesses in 2023. Their XG routers come with a next-generation firewall that includes a bunch of smart properties to deal with a variety of threats. It’s a great solution for small businesses as it is simple to use and locate features for optimal protection. Sophos XG Firewall provides exceptional insights and reveals hidden user, application, and threats on the network. The product is easy to deal with any issue. The software contains a Sandbox implementation, which is one of these capabilities, that allows IT services teams to test cybersecurity threats throughout the network. It can protect incoming and outgoing data and detect and prevent cyber assaults efficiently.

WatchGuard Firebox T35 – Ideal for Small Businesses 2023

WatchGuard has opened up the world to a developing cutting-edge cybersecurity technology that is easier to install and operate. Regardless of technical abilities, their unique security approach focuses on offering the highest quality protection to small businesses. WatchGuard provides a wide range of firewalls to match the security requirements of large and small companies. The T35 has a capacity of up to 20 users and come with five 1GB Ethernet connection. It can support up to 24 data centers and VPN networks. In WatchGuard T35-W the W stands for a built-in Wi-Fi connection that is a plus point of IT services for business

SonicWall TZ400 Security Firewall – An Exceptional Security Solution 

SonicWall offers a Unified Threat Management system that provides small businesses pure network security. It offers network monitoring, cloud-based hardware, and antivirus software. The TZ400 can accommodate over 100 extra ports as a small business solution. Smaller businesses may find SonicWall firewall solutions excessively complex and daunting, but the company itself claims that the product is quite effortless to set up and operate, so even inexperienced users are able to handle it effectively. It has a comprehensive control system that allows you to manage the firewall from a particular region.

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