How to Easily Activate Funimation on Your Devices

We all are aware of how Anime is taking place rapidly in the audience’s hearts and getting popular day by day all over the world. Not only children and teenagers but even adults prefer anime over movies and shows. Whether it’s the famous Monkey D. Luffy from one of the top anime, One Piece, or Naruto Uzumaki, one of the original “big three” shonen heroes, these 3D characters and anime have won millions of hearts.

From wearing anime outfits to buying anime showpieces, the craze of anime is spreading like a flame among all the Otakus. 

If you are also an anime lover and want to watch your favorite anime on big screens and various devices, then here’s the good news for you. With the activation of Funimation on your devices, you can enjoy your favorite anime shows while relaxing. All you have to do to access Funimation is activate or register yourself via

In this article, you will get all the information required to easily activate an account on Funimation in a few steps on any of your devices but first, let’s comprehend what exactly is Funimation and what offers it contains for you.

What is Funimation?

Funimation is a Japanese dubbing and marketing firm headquartered in the United States of America, founded on the 9th of May, 1994. It is one of the most famous and important sites for streaming animated series and movies. This distributor of anime has given us many prominent animated shows such as Death Note, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Demon Slayer, Your Name, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.

Gen Fukunaga and his wife, Cindy Brennan, were the founders of Funimation Productions and they successfully contributed their value to the Entertainment Industry. 

Funimation Free Trial Period

Funimation is providing 14 Days of Free Trial irrespective of what level of membership you choose or where you reside. You can try the subscription of Funimation for fourteen days for free by sharing your information and logging in to its website, which is completely safe. And after the trial period is over, you can decide whether to continue or not. If so, you can purchase the membership according to your convenience as there are various alternatives of membership available.

Why Subscribe to Funimation?

Though you can watch anime for free on various sites, it is illegal and contains many hidden faulted links which, if you end up clicking unknowingly, can cause you some serious trouble.

Funimation is a safe and known site to watch anime. Just like any other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Roku, etc. It is also a legit streaming site for anime lovers. 

So, if you want to binge-watch One Piece, Death Note, Dragon Ball, or any other animated shows you may hold an interest in, Funimation is a great alternative with pocket-friendly subscription options.  

Activate Funimation on Any of Your Devices

Activating your account on Funimation is super easy when you know the steps. To make sure you don’t face any issues or skip any steps while logging into Funimation on your device, we have come up with the proper step to step guide for you. 

Activate Funimation on Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV at your home then here are the five steps to activate Funimation on your device:

Step 1: Sign up for Funimation

Step 2: Go to your Apple Tv’s Home Screen

Step 3: Go to the app store and look up “Funimation”

Step 4: Install the Funimation app

Step 5: Wait for the download to finish. Now input your account information into Funimation/activate your account.

Activate Funimation on Roku

By activating Funimation on Roku, you can get access to the most trending and best anime and live-action series. Here’s how you can operate Funimation on Roku with the help of the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to your Roku’s “Home” tab. Take your Roku remote and press “Home”.

Step 2: Go to your “Streaming Channels” tab and select “Search Channels”

Step 3: Now look for “” 

Step 4: Once you see Funimation, click “Add Channel”. Wait for it to finish installing.

Step 5: Once Funimation is done installing, you can now find it on the list of channels on your home screen

Step 6: Finally, open your Funimation app and log into your account.

Those who don’t have an account can sign up through the website. The website link is given below:

Activate Funimation on Amazon Fire TV

Those who already have a subscription to Amazon Fire TV, now can take enjoyment from Funimation too by activating it on Amazon Fire TV. Here are the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Browse the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen. Navigate to the App Store and type “Funimation” into the search field.

Step 2: Click “Download” and wait for the program to install to proceed with Funimation activated.

Step 3: Log in to your Funimation account, and an activation code will pop up.

Step 4: Grab another device and go to Activate. Type the code into the designated box and click Continue.

Activate Funimation on Xbox

If you think that Xbox is only for games and sports events then you will be surprised to know that you can also stream Funimation on Xbox. Isn’t it great? These are the measures you can take to watch anime on Xbox:

Step 1: Navigate to the Xbox App Store and search for Funimation Channel to proceed with funimation/activate Xbox.

Step 2: Then, select “Activate Channel” from the Xbox menu’s drop-down menu to complete the funimation/activate Xbox.

Step 3: The activation code via Funimation activate code will be emailed to you when you select your TV provider from the drop-down box to proceed with Funimation activate.

Step 4: Now, on your mobile device, navigate to and input the activation code, i.e., code, in the areas provided.

Activate Funimation on Playstation

If you reside in any of these countries: The United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia, and have PlayStation, you will have exclusive access to Funimation’s streaming services. 

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate your PlayStation Home Screen

Step 2: Go to the app store and type “Funimation”

Step 3: Now, select “download” and wait for the installment to finish

Step 4: Once you’re done downloading the Funimation app, log into your Funimation account and get ready to watch your favorite anime.

Base Price For Funimation

CompanyMonthly FeesAd-Free
Funimation » 3.8 out of 5$0 and UpOptional
Netflix » 4.3 out of 5$8.99 and UpYes
Amazon Prime Video » 4 out of 5$8.99 and UpYes
Disney+ » 4 out of 5$7.99 and UpYes

Download Funimation Videos Offline

Yes! You guessed it right. You can download the latest episodes or complete shows on Funimation and watch them later even when you don’t have access to wifi or the internet. If you ever decide to discontinue your subscription to Funimation due to any reason, you can still watch the downloaded videos of Funimation offline without its subscription. 

You can also share it on various devices at your convenience and watch it whenever you want. 


To all anime lovers, hopefully, this article will help you in activating Funimation on your various devices and you can finally meet your favorite character whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Wear the Dragon Ball T-Shirt you are keeping in your closet or the One Piece Cap you always wanted to try, and binge-watch all the anime shows on your comfy sofa with a large ball of popcorn.

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