Gated Community Vs. Condominium: Which is Best for You?

November 18, 2022

If you are thinking about moving to Bangkok, but you can’t decide between living in a gated community or a condo, this is the article for you. We’re going to pit them head to head in an attempt to determine which of the two choices is best. 

Security – Gated Community Vs. Condo? 

When it comes to security, gated communities and condominiums are relatively evenly matched. Both have fixed entrance and exit points, key card access, round-the-clock security, and CCTV. So, if security is your biggest concern, know that you will be perfectly safe in either of these options. 

Privacy – Gated Community Vs. Condo? 

As for privacy, a gated community is the winner – but only just. The fact is, gated communities tend to have fewer properties than condominiums, which means there will be fewer people around you, using the facilities. Similarly, when living in a gated community, you will live in a separate townhouse – rather than having rooms on either side of your condo. 

If you want the room to breathe, a gated community is the winner. 

Facilities – Gated Community Vs. Condo? 

When it comes to facilities, condominiums tend to have the most options, though it largely depends on the development project itself. For example, Anasiri Bangyai is a gated community with great facilities such as CCTV, Fitness, a Garden, Parking, Security, and a Swimming Pool. However, some condominiums have concierge services, restaurants and bars, and room cleaning services included. 

Size and space – Gated Community Vs. Condo? 

Generally speaking, townhouses in gated communities are much larger than condos. Of course, if you are buying a large penthouse or three-bed condo, you might get more space than a smaller townhouse. It all depends on your budget and availability. 

In any case, the general idea is that houses are bigger than condos. Similarly, gated communities tend to have more outdoor and green space available as well. 

Certainly, if you are living alone or with a partner, a condo will be sufficient. However, if you have a family with several children, you may find a gated community more appropriate. 

Cost – Gated Community Vs. Condo? 

The prices for houses and condos can vary dramatically. Generally speaking, houses cost more than condos. However, it all depends on where you are buying, how new you want to go, and how much space you need. If budget is an issue, you’ll likely have a much easier time finding a relatively cheap condo in comparison to a house in a gated community. 


When pitted against one another, both condos and gated communities are incredibly well matched. Deciding on which of the two is best is no easy task as ultimately, it comes down to you, your tastes, and what makes the most sense for your circumstances.

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