Why May Geothermal Energy Not Be The Best Option?

February 8, 2022

Energy is everywhere. It’s present in the form of solar energy, hydropower, and windmills. The wonderful thing about energy is it cannot be destroyed. However, it can be created.

The creation of one type of energy, the geothermal power source, may carry the following disadvantages.

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Costly Setup

Though we justify geothermal energy with only an initial setup, the mechanism in itself can be very costly. The installation, laying downpipes, and installing hot and cooling stations are costly.

It will cost between $10,000 to $20,000 for a single home to enjoy its benefits. The payment can be made in parts from five to ten years which is a separate burden.

It wouldn’t be wise to install geothermal at your home if you are living in a poorly insulated area or if your home is leaking. Ill-installed windows and doors and draft sealing will not insulate the home properly.

Harmful Gasses

Since geothermal uses underground gasses to produce the energy, it may release some harmful gasses into the air when the system is laid down. These may harm the utility bidder staff sent to survey the spot and the inhabitants of the house. These gasses have been brewing underground for years, so they are going to be harmful.

Many geothermal power stations have been linked with releasing silica and sulfur dioxide. The geothermal reservoir may also contain mercury, arson, and other very harmful toxins.

These elements are persistent and take a very long time to evaporate. Therefore, the filters require regular maintenance with detailed work. 

Location Challenges

Geothermal uses underground steam from volcanic streams to generate energy. If your house or office building is not present on a pool of producing steam, geothermal will not work for you. It is a challenge to discover geothermal reservoirs solely based on topography restrictions.

The installation is a sensitive approach and must be treated as such. It requires discovering the suitable types of soil, ground, and rocks.

 A simple round or layers of rocks won’t do. Moreover, the drilling of rocks is another challenge. If the machinery drills through the sensitive layers of the earth, it may trigger earthquakes and destroy underground organisms.

Dry Spells

As we have discussed, geothermal uses underground steam generated by volcanic streams of boiling pools of water. These dry spells can last for decades, so beware! They may die down or change their paths. You will be left with an idle geothermal system that once cost you an arm and a leg.

It would be wise to store the heat instead of abusing it. Poor distribution of heat can result in faster depletion of resources. Isn’t that why we are searching for alternative energy resources in the first place? Use it wisely for a sustainable future!

The Bottom Line

Although you may take a step back after reading the disadvantages of thermal energy, it provides more advantages than you think. You can heat or cool the air at very inexpensive rates, so why not make the best of the technology available to us?

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