Creative Gift Ideas for Friends in Rehab

January 11, 2023

It can be difficult to know how to support a friend in rehab. While you’re likely proud of your friend, you might feel helpless when it comes to supporting them in recovery. The reality is that you can probably do a lot more than you think for your friend in rehab. For a few gifts, you could give that will help your friend to reach their goal of long-term recovery, read on.

The Gift of Support

The best gift you can give to a friend struggling with a challenge is your unconditional support. This might be as simple as helping them to find a luxury rehab like The Hope House where they can focus on their behavior issues or other challenges to make a successful recovery with a team of fully trained and licensed therapists. In fact, in helping the person you care about find a great place to work on themself, you’ll be letting them know you care.

One way to support a friend while they enter the rehab process is to reassure them that everything will be okay back home. It’ll be easier to focus on recovery if your friend knows you will be there to keep an eye on things and make sure all is well at home. Perhaps the most thoughtful gift you can give, supporting your friend in rehab doesn’t need to be expensive.

Plants and Symbolism

Another great gift you could give your friend, even before they enter rehab, is a houseplant. Something you can take care of while they’re away, plant gifts are incredibly symbolic. The plant could represent the growth your friend will do in rehabilitation. Your caring for it, while they’re away, will show your support.

Another way to give a great living plant gift is to give it to your friend after they leave rehab. This will give them something to take care of and could even lead to a new interest to keep their mind off recovery work and hard days. The truth is that any therapist will say that having something as simple as a houseplant to take care of helps a person stay focused on recovery.

Supporting Hobbies


Even encouraging your friend to try a new hobby can be a great gift where you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Maybe you could even try a new activity that you and your friend could do together. This would be a nice way to begin a new chapter, strengthen a bond, and show your support.

If your friend is someone that loves automobiles then you can always gift them a set of rc car wheels. Building model cars is a great hobby that is both fun and engaging. In the last few years, several mental health experts have pointed out the need for positive distractions that are time consuming and help in creating something. Building toy car models can be a healthy side distraction that can help keep their minds occupied with something creative and meaningful.

The best hobbies are the ones that involve self-care and can help with long-term recovery. When considering new activities you could suggest for your friend, try to think of things they’re naturally interested in. Perhaps your friend enjoyed nature in high school. Or maybe they’re highly competitive. A new pair of hiking boots or running shoes could be a fantastic way to get them running, walking, or hiking again and would even improve their physical health, too. Another self-care gift to consider might involve a trip after rehab as a celebration of your friend’s achievements. This would give you both something to look forward to.

At the end of the day, the best houseplant, therapy, an amazing support system, and new interests won’t be enough to guarantee long-term recovery. However, with the right support services, including a friend like you, the person you care about will have a better chance of success in individual counseling and long-lasting behavior changes. As you work to figure out the next step in supporting your friend, remember to take care of yourself, too.

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