Can Green Maeng Da Kratom Lead to Liver Damage

January 11, 2023

Green Maeng Da kratom is used for both recreational and medicinal uses. It is beneficial for pain, anxiety, opiate withdrawal, and mental clarity. However, abusing Green Maeng Da kratom can lead to undesired results. 

In 2021, it becomes more than necessary to get and stay healthy and thus, the number of people using Green Maeng Da has increased immensely . That’s because the strain is one of the most preferred kratom strains and is now accessible more than ever. You can buy Maeng Da kratom in bulk in smoke shops online or in physical stores to enjoy its benefits. 

Can Green Maeng Da Kratom Damage Your Liver

There are potential consequences of using Green Maeng Da kratom, including liver damage. The cases of liver damage are, however, very rare. The onset of liver injury usually occurs within two to 8 weeks of starting regular use of Green Maeng Da kratom.

Green Maeng Da kratom has been linked with liver damage in the past. It has significant liver enzyme derangements that can lead to liver injury, but it does not cause liver cirrhosis. 

The liver detoxifies the blood and converts nutrients into valuable forms. It also metabolizes toxic substances with the help of certain microsomal enzymes. In the case of kratom, the cytochrome p450 microsomal enzyme metabolizes it.

When you consume the strain in high doses and regularly, the liver and kidneys can have difficulties processing it, shutting it down. Large doses of Green Maeng Da kratom overwork the hepatocytes, increasing liver toxicity.

Abusing Green Maeng Da kratom can lead to intrahepatic cholestasis, where bile production is abnormal. In liver damage, the liver is enlarged and tender. There is also an increase in enzymes.

People with past drug abuse are more likely to experience liver damage when using Green Maeng Da to overcome opiate withdrawal symptoms. Why? Past drug abuse may have damaged the liver before kratom use. In addition, combining Green Maeng Da and abusing other substances can overwhelm the liver.  

A new review suggests that kratom can damage the liver in rare cases. Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network conducted the analysis. The federally-funded team reviewed 404 cases of liver injury linked to dietary supplements between the years 2004 and 2018. 

Only eight out of the 404 cases were linked to kratom products, and seven of them were tied to kratom. The seven patients used kratom for an average of 15 days. They were hospitalized with liver damage symptoms such as itching, jaundice, abdominal pain, and swelling. However, they all recovered without the need for a liver transplant. 

Signs of Liver Damage Caused by Green Maeng Da Kratom

The signs and symptoms of acute liver injury caused by Green Maeng Da may include;

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dark urine followed by jaundice. The skin and eyes appear yellowish.
  • Fever
  • Itchy skin
  • Stomach pain and swelling
  • Loss of appetite

Is Liver Damage Caused by Green Maeng Da Kratom Reversible?

The factors that affect the outcome of liver damage treatment caused by Green Maeng Da include;

  • The amount of damage done to the liver
  • If there is any damage done to the liver from past drug abuse
  • If you have any underlying  chronic medical issues
  • If you can stop the use of Green Maeng Da kratom immediately
  • The dose of Green Maeng Da you usually use and the length of time you have used the strain

People who suffer from acute liver injury from using Green Maeng Da usually recover once use is discontinued. When the dose of kratom is reduced, the liver starts functioning properly. The liver injury starts to resolve within a few days to a week of stopping the use of kratom. If the damage is severe, it can take months.

How to Prevent Injury to the Liver When Using Green Maeng Da

When using Green Maeng Da, it is important to take precautions to avoid damaging your liver. First, you should avoid overdosing by sticking to low doses.

Secondly, do not use kratom with other substances that can cause liver damage. When kratom is used alongside other drugs, there can be interactions that can lead to liver damage.

Next, you should take water within the first 5 hours after using kratom. You should also combine kratom use with a healthy diet to ensure the proper functioning of the liver. 

Do not take kratom if you have liver diseases like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, or liver injury. If you have to, ensure that you take it in small doses. Overdosing on Green Maeng Da can make the underlying issues worse.

Lastly, ensure that you purchase your Green Maeng Da from reputable sources. Some vendors sell unsafe kratom products that can harm your health. The products can be contaminated and can have adverse effects. 


To ensure your safety, make sure that you buy your Green Maeng Da from reputable vendors that test their products. It would be best to keep all the potential risks in mind before using the herbal supplement to avoid undesirable effects. The goal is to use kratom responsibly to enjoy its benefits and minimize its adverse effects. 


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