Ground Coffee Beans to Coffee: The Best Drink for Any Adult

February 8, 2022

There are so many things in this world that make people happy. It can be almost anything, as every single one of us is different when it comes to what we like. These aspects of ourselves also change as we grow older since we do have evolving tastes. As adults, though, there seems to be one thing uniting everyone, especially those who are in the working force. It is the undying and almost reverent interest in coffee, the next most popular drink in the world after water. 

There was a time when coffee was considered as a “western” drink, as Asian countries primarily drink tea. However, it is a (problematic) misconception, as there were parts in Asia that were rather big on coffee, as you can read here. There was a time when consumption did die down in many parts of the world due to how easy tea could be consumed. All you need to do is add hot water and let it steep, and it is also easier to process compared to beans. 

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However, there are also other parts of the world where it is not easy to grow tea. Coffee, on the other hand, may have the perfect conditions in these areas. Also, we cannot deny that it is stronger compared to tea when it comes to the concentration of caffeine. Tea also has caffeine, with both black and green varieties having similar amounts. They still pale in comparison with the dark and luxurious liquid that many people have been enamored by for hundreds of years. 

There are many reasons why coffee is still the number one drink that adults want these days. They are almost everywhere, from your homes, offices to high-end cafes and restaurants. You might think that consumption has decreased, especially since the pandemic hit last year. However, it seems that it has even increased, as more people are in jobs wherein they need to fight off sleep. Meanwhile, there are many other good reasons why you may want to have this first thing in the morning. 

Why Drink the Bitterness

1. It is Rich in Antioxidants

One of the best things about this beverage is it is rich in antioxidants. These compounds are beneficial to the overall health of a person and also promote anti-aging components. Quinines are just one type, and they are the ones responsible for destroying disease-causing substances in the body. Its various acids are also great for breaking down radicals and helping you feel and look more healthy.

However, not all coffees are made equal with each other. Experts say that fresher coffee will always be better, especially if you know how it was roasted. The way that you will prepare it matters as well since it will be the deciding factor if you have made a good cup. 

2. It is an Excellent Perk-Me-Up-Drink

There is a good reason why so many people drink them every morning: it helps in waking you up. Some would even associate the smell with morning itself, thus getting energized by the aroma alone. Caffeine is the one responsible for this response, and it acts as a good punch to the head. The substance bonds to the neurological receptors of the brain, and it stays there to act as a continuous impulse. 

3. It Can Keep You Alert for a Long Time

You might end up underestimating all of these responses, but they do work for a long time. If you are new to drinking the substance, it is said that it can stay in your bloodstream for more than 5 to 6 hours. It is perfect if you are working the usual 9 to 5 grind as it will wake you up during the crucial hours of the day. However, this potency weakens as you drink more of it, so try to slow down your consumption before ending up drinking more than you should. 

4. It Helps with Digestion

Some people are not too keen on drinking coffee as it might not be good for their digestive system. It will indeed make you feel the urge to release both main wastes of the body, but it is for a good cause. With the right amount of coffee every day, you can control your waste removal and help it get regularized. In this way, you do not need to worry about experiencing any “accidents” while far away from home. We all know that it is best to release all of those pent-up discharges in the comforts of your home toilet. 

5. It is So Versatile

Let us move on to something fun with this drink. If there is something that everyone knows about, you can do almost anything with coffee. It is great as a drink on its own, but many others like adding milk and sugar. Some take it to the next level and add flavorings like vanilla, chocolate, and mint. It has even led to the iced coffee craze, with an endless number of flavors that you can add with it.

Using It More Creatively

Another thing that people like to do with this precious bean is making desserts. If you are not in the mood to drink it, then you can add it to your vanilla ice cream and have a makeshift affogato. Others have become more creative and added it to already established recipes. Its bitter flavor is always great being offset with something sweet and creamy. 

There are also savory recipes that call for that hint of bitterness and aroma. For example, there is a pork dish in South Korea which calls for hazelnut-flavored coffee as an ingredient to its stew. Learn more about this recipe on this site: Others add it to their marinades as it lends its more earthy flavors. As long as you combine it with the right ingredients, coffee can become a great addition to any dish.

It is exciting to see what people can do with such a humble bean. There was a time when it was only considered as the drink of the nobles, rebels, and enemies. However, it has become so much more than that with many people considering it as a necessity every morning. A cup full of coffee is almost a blessing, and even more so if you are into its flavor. 

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