A Complete Guide to Selling Wholesale Hand Sanitizers Online

February 9, 2022

Every major health organization stresses the use of hand sanitizers to stay protected from diseases. The demand for hand sanitizers has increased immensely after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is what made the wholesale hand sanitizers business so profitable. 

If you are also considering starting a wholesale business for hand sanitizers, then you are at the right place. Here, we shall discuss how you can sell wholesale hand sanitizers online. 

But before moving to the selling tips, let’s discuss why the wholesale sanitizers business is lucrative below:

As we continue to deal with the negative effects of coronavirus, the demand for hand sanitizers is also growing. There are more than 5400 Google searches for hand sanitizers in bulk every month. This demand has increased throughout the world, which means you do not have to target a specific audience. According to SEMrush, the demand for hand sanitizers is expected to grow even more this year. 

Now that we know how profitable a wholesale hand sanitizers business can be, we can move towards selling guides.

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Check the following information to know how you can sell wholesale hand sanitizers below:

1. Build a Website

A business website can be the first step towards selling wholesale hand sanitizers online. Creating a website is not crucial; however, it can help build your company’s image online. Customers trust the companies with an official website. It authenticates your brand and brings more business to your company.

You should select a short and relatable name of your company, have an attractive logo, and post high-quality images of your hand sanitizers on your website. Also, do not forget to write a detailed description of all your products. Keeping your prices reasonable will also help in selling wholesale hand sanitizers online.

2. Online Selling Platforms

Having a website and listing your products on other online selling platforms are two major sources to increase your sales. You can do both or either one of these. However, listing your wholesale hand sanitizers on major selling platforms can truly help you get your company’s name out there. You should make a list of the online wholesale marketplaces with a huge audience and register as a seller on those websites. 

3. Social Media Platforms

Just a few years ago, social media platforms were not much use for wholesalers. But these days, social media platforms are considered as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Many wholesalers are successfully selling their products to retailers and end customers through social media platforms. 

By creating your business pages on Facebook and Instagram, you can also draw more customers and sell your wholesale hand sanitizers. Besides, social media platforms will help you in connecting and communicating with your customers directly. 

4. Collaboration 

Collaboration is an effective way to sell your wholesale health care products online. We suggest that you make a list of successful and reliable companies, top brands, and Instagram influencers of a similar niche to collaborate with. 

For instance, you can collaborate with a company that sells wholesale masks and create a sale package of masks and hand sanitizers. Such offers draw a huge audience and increase online sales enormously. 

5. Discounts and Deals

Last but not least, discounts, deals, and packages are also a great way to sell your wholesale products online. You can offer promotional sales or special discounts to your customers on their first order. Keeping VIP concessions on large orders will also sell your wholesale hand sanitizers online rapidly.

In A Nutshell

Starting a wholesale hand sanitizers business is not that difficult. However, earning profit through online sales is another story. You need to understand and implement effective marketing strategies to achieve your sales target. We hope that the information mentioned above will help you in selling wholesale hand sanitizers online.

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