Introductory Guide to Routine Appliance Maintenance

December 29, 2022

The average lifespan of an appliance ranges between six and 25 years. Not all appliances reach their expected lifespans, though.

This is mostly due to the lack of routine appliance maintenance. For most homeowners, appliance maintenance only occurs when they need repairs.

You can save money and energy with a routine appliance maintenance plan. You increase the efficiency of the appliances. Plus, maintained appliances don’t burn out and have to be replaced earlier than they should.

Do you want to know more about regular appliance maintenance? Read this guide to learn how you can be one of the successful homeowners by staying on top of appliance maintenance.

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List the Appliances in Your Home

What are the main appliances in your home? The dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, and HVAC unit should be on your list.

Don’t forget about smaller items like microwaves and coffee makers. These appliances also need regular maintenance.

Read the owner’s manuals for each of the appliances. The manuals contain useful information about maintenance, cleaning, and ideal conditions to use them.

You’ll learn things like the purpose of dishwasher salt and how often it should get changed.

Create Appliance Maintenance Checklists

If you just moved into your home, a new homeowners checklist is a handy list of items to maintain. You’ll know when you need to do quick inspections and perform maintenance tasks.

As you look through the owners’ manuals for specific items, you’ll see that you have tasks to do every week, month, quarter, and year.

Write out a list of the tasks you need to do for each appliance. Make an appliance maintenance checklist for tasks you need to do at each interval.

Every week, wipe down all appliances. Inspect each appliance every month for leaks and other issues.

The checklists are handy tools that ensure you stay on top of appliance maintenance.

Have Regular Professional Inspections

There are some things in your home like HVAC units that require a bit more expertise. You can do simple tasks like changing the air filters, but you don’t know about calibrating thermostats.

Air conditioning maintenance should get handled by professionals. They’ll fine-tune the unit, calibrate thermostats, clean the ducts, and ensure the unit is in working condition.

Homeowners should have an annual inspection once a year. New homeowners should have an inspection once they move into the house to make sure everything is in working order.

If you want to learn more about air conditioning maintenance inspections, take a look here.

Stay on Top of Appliance Maintenance

Successful homeowners know that home maintenance tasks are the most important things to do to increase the value of the home.

They also don’t overlook appliance maintenance. This guide showed you how you can stay on top of appliance maintenance. Follow these tips, and you’ll save money on energy and appliance replacement costs.

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